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Full Version: Dragons Cast a Long Shadow
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It's been over ten years since I posted something here (on the plus side, my account still exists), so sorry to interrupt. I thought people might be interested in a hack/expansion of Technoir that I just released, designed from top to bottom for play in the setting of Shadowrun. It doesn't mention Shadowrun by name, naturally, but it's pretty obvious when you read it.

It's called Dragons Cast a Long Shadow, and is free on It's also Creative Commons.

I put a small design note sort of thing on my blog about it as well.

Let me know if you do something with it. And, if you want to make a transmission for it, all the better.
+3 karma. This looks awesome, can't wait to get home from work to read more about it.
Neat! Will have to check this out
Thanks for sharing. I'm going to check this out too.
Have downloaded and will have a look. Thanks!
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