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Full Version: Re-Routing Links Through the Metaplanes
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I've been doing keyword searches in my library of PDFs, but no luck. I can't believe I've actually forgotten the reference on these. I suspect it's somewhere in 3rd Edition, as I believe I own all of 4th Edition and those are all clean, searchable PDFs purchased from DriveThruRPG. But I remember that you can re-route the links to foci and wards through the metaplanes, making it harder for someone to track you through them.

Does anyone remember where these are?
3rd edition Magic in the Shadows, page 94, outlines concealing a link between an item and the magician to whom it is bonded in a metaplane by succeeding in an astral quest to that metaplane. Then an equally difficulty quest must be overcome to reconnect the link and use it to find the magician.
QUOTE (“MitS p94”)
Astral Concealment Various things can be traced to a character astrally: foci, material links for ritual sorcery, a thesis, and so on. Whenever a character is carrying one of these traceable items, they can “conceal” its link by making an astral quest to the metaplane of their choice. The character chooses the rating for this quest. When the character reaches the Citadel, they conceal the astral link there. Anyone wishing to use the link to track down the character must fulfill a quest of the same rating to the same plane. To detect the correct plane, make the same test as for penetrating a masked aura (p. 76).

Ah, thanks for the assistance. My copy of MitS is all image scans, so not searchable. Though I found Astral Concealment in SR4 Street Magic as well. I was searching for "routed" when I should have been searching for "diverted." Clearly I need to spend some KP improving my Data Search skill...
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