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Full Version: Fencing the Paydata
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It states in Matrix p50 under "Fencing Paydata" that each Paydata point is worth 5,000 and that you use the rules for fencing. However, the fencing rules on p238 of the BBB state that the base price is 30% of the listed price in the gear section. So is the 5,000 per point the base price (in other words, you're negotiating that p and down) or is it considered the list price and thus you're selling it for 30% of the 5,000, thus 1,500 per point?

The Abstruse One
It's the base price, not the value.
Hmm... interesting question. 5k is the "base street price" after all, and with the whole -1 point per day unsold, I'd say it's fair enough. If you hang around on a red host long enough to download 3 points of paydata (each taking at least two actions to download) you probably deserve 15k wink.gif
I read it as 5K is the list price(the price from the gear section). You fence it from there so you would get 30% of 5k.
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