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Full Version: I'm looking for info on Asian countries
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Hello. I'm looking for info on several countries in particular: Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China and the Phillipines. Well, the Middle East too. What books (if any) cover these countries?
Phillipines are covered in details in Cyberpirates, with updates in Year of the Comet and Dragons of the Sixth World. Japan is touched upon in Year of the Comet and Sprawl Survival Guide. Brainscan makes a trip to Hong Kong but I don't know how much it is decribed (Me? Playing an adventure I didn't write?! rotfl.gif ). Target:Awakened Lands and Dragons of the Sixth World describe some events taking place in Central China, and the later also discuss events in Beirut. Target:Wastelands covers the deserts of Arabia and some other in Central Asia (Gobi, Lout, ...).

Shadows of Asia should cover all those and be out near the end of the year.
Many thanks! I'll keep an eye out for SoA.
Fields of Fire
Target: Smuggler Havens
Target: Awakened Lands
Target: Waste Lands
SOTA: 2064
Year of the Comet

These are the ones I own that give mention to your countries.

Also check out the sixthworld web site for the pictures of the national flags.
I've got a little index of all the diffferent Asia reference from the books around here somewhere. I'll try and dig it up for you.

Edit: Okay, here we are. Since this is the the only copy on-line they're a couple of ShadowRN logs. My Asia Index v0.2 of all the different references and general ramblings/musings on what I think the different countries/provinces might be up to, and other post covering the four provinces I forgot to incluide the first time round. smile.gif

It doesn't however include any of the latest data from either Dragons or Street Survival Guide since I didn't have them when I was doing it. Off the top of my head I know that the Lung section of Dragons mentions the magocracy Chinese warlord state of Sichuan and that the Ryumuo bit something of Japan and gives you the low-down on the old blue eyed Japanese man that deals with the Yaks for him. There are more than likely other bits of information though.
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