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I GM'd the Super Tuesday run with Vogel and the toxic shaman this weekend, and was reminded of the fact that once shamans go toxic they apparently conjure elementals rather than spirits. He can also have multiple elementals at the same time [like a mage], so that leads me to the idea that I should make most of the other rules the same as mages as well. Can anyone explain why?

  • how does a toxic conjure?Can he do it on the fly like shamans, or does he have to conjure ahead of time, like a mage? Does he need toxic conjuring materials on hand to do it?
  • the only toxic elementals I've seen stats for are water and earth (and those were also messed up, I think). Does anyone have canon stats for toxic air and fire elementals?
  • shouldn't there be a toxic spirit of man? I would think that urban-based shamans should be able to get them. What stats would it have?
  • do toxics keep the advantages and disadvantages they had from when they were a normal shaman, or do they just have base stats for all spells/elementals?
  • if you had an insect shaman living in Glow City, could it go toxic? if so, what would happen to its stats and conjuring then?
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Er, where does this come from? At least in MITS, it only talks about shamans and spirits, not elementals.
where does this come from?

SR1 and SR2 had a number of adventures with toxic shamans/spirits, as well as the Critters booklet, and they all displayed this quirk. Toxic spirits aren't listed as elementals, per se. But they are named 'Toxic Earth [Water, etc.] Spirit, instead of Toxic Spirit of the Land [which would be the shamanistic version]. Also, all their stats and powers are like those of elementals (Engulf, etc) instead of spirits (Accident, Confusion, etc.) And finally, the adventures always allow NPCs to have multiple toxic spirits up at once, and they aren't restricted to domains.

I don't think anything in the SR3 books changes or clarifies the way they did it in SR2.
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Magic in the Shadows goes into detail regarding what abilities a toxic shaman has at their disposal, including discussion on toxic domains and the spirits therein, starting on page 124.

They do not gain access to elementals. The only real change is their spirits gain two new powers, are free to leave their domain, and increase their Force by the background count of the toxic domain while there. That's about it.

There are toxic spirits of the elements that wujen and precious few other magicians have access to, but they basically follow the same rules and are otherwise bound by the strictures of the tradition to which they're used.
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