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Full Version: Jack Itch
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The description of the jack itch flaw in the SRC indicates that a person will jack out after a number of minutes past his willpower, and does so screaming. I infer this to be a voluntary action of sorts; after all, I'd drop a bowl if it was scalding hot too.

But what if you can't jack out? What if your enemy find outs, kidnaps you and ties you up, then jacks you into something. You get the itch and horrendous pain, but you can't pull out. What happens? You pass out from the pain? Seems like a pretty horrible torture method.

What if you're using simsense? Would you still feel the itch if you were, say, decking or rigging? What if you have jack itch and you're awakened, and the Star catches you, puts you in a straight jacket, installs a datajack in you and do that simsense thing. Same as above?
What if you're using simsense? Would you still feel the itch if you were, say, decking or rigging?

SR Comp says:

QUOTE ("SR Companion P.28")
Almost every time the character uses their datajack(s) or chipjack(s) or even external smart gun links, they begin to feel a subtle itch...

So my opinion is that using Simsense equipment qualifies, unless you are using a trode rig. Of course if you have a jack, you're probably not using a 'trode rig are you? :evil

Same for deckign and rigging, which is what would make this flaw particularly heinous for a Decker to suddenly come down with.

As for the can't jack out question, I'll wing it and say eventually you'd reach a point where hysteria and panic start taking a mental toll, and cause stun damage, eventually causing the unfortunate sap to loose consciousness.

I suppose you could be real evil, and say their thrashing body starts to take physical damage as the rack their head side to side or claw at their face.... really :evil
Or you may have found a cure for teh psuchosomatic portionof this flaw, congrats. Here's your shiney new replacement flaw...
They'd go insane, Chinese water torture anyone?
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