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Full Version: Knowsoft Memory Usage
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How much memory does a Knowsoft take? I could find any reference to it... the idea being, if I have headware memory, and I use a knowsoft chip to, say, learn a language or some such, and I'd like to store that data in internal memory, how much would it take? Or is this not possible? While I'm at it, same question for Activesofts.

As I remember it, you can't store them in headware. The 'soft only stays as long as you're slotted.
When in doubt, use the memory requirements as per standard software, as per level. I use McMackie's NSCRG as a reference. Keep in mind that damage to the memory now damages the knowsoft as well. (They do have emulation in real life. Why can't they emu knowsoft links and iso them? sarcastic.gif)
A Rodent of Unusual Size
Knowsofts take up the same amount of Mp as other Skillsofts of their rating. The difference is in the cost. And despite what the GreatChicken says, they're perfectly usable in headware memory. Assuming you're stupid enough to give a character headware memory considering the outrageous Essence and nuyen costs involved.

Compare it to a Cranial Cyberdeck alone. The Allegiance Sigma deck comes with 200 Mp Active and 500 Mp Storage for 15,000 nuyen and 1.9 Essence. 200 Mp of Headware Memory takes up 0.66 Essence and costs 30,000 nuyen; 700 Mp is 2.3 Essence and 105,000 nuyen. And that doesn't include the MPCP rating and full decking capabilities it grants in addition to the memory.

It's far better to invest in a Synthetic Cyberhand. Crammed full of DNI-controlled OMC Memory, you can get 1,000 Mp for 32,500 nuyen and 0.45 Essence. Compare that to the 3.33 Essence and 150,000 nuyen required for the same in Headware Memory. The best part is you still have 0.25 ECU left in storage space and can tweak the hand a bit to boot. I actually prefer Obvious Hands (3,000 Mp, 33,500 nuyen, and 0.45 Essence) 'cause I like the chrome look, but that's just me.
Well, I haven't got any books but the basic one, so those things aren't available to me.

But from the program size tables, the amount of MP is based on the Multiplier... should I assume that the multiplier for a knowsoft is 1?

A Rodent of Unusual Size
It's the same as all Skillsofts. Multiplier of 3 for full skills, 2 for specializations-only. Considering the nature of Knowledge Skills, you can pretty much get any of them as a specialization of a broader skill, but I'd advise against doing so. smile.gif
no , knowsofts are same multiplier as any other skill. 3/2 but, if you want to have a clear conscience, talk to your GM, they make the final call anyway.
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