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Ok, how was this list made? I went through the equipment of the most commonly-used books page by page. Yes, I'm aware of the tables listed at the back of the books, but I wanted to add something more to it. The books used in this are Man & Machine, Cannon Companion, Matrix 3 and Rigger 3. Matrix 3 was a purely cursory thing - I definitely missed some stuff related to deck creation or something. After each listing is a page number for where you can find it at. What is NOT listed here is higher grade versions of lower-grade cyberware. That's a project in and of itself.

I was torn on listing the availability of vehicle-scale weapons and vehicle components. Why? Because by canon you don't even CONSIDER the availability of components if it's built into the vehicle, aka comes standard. Because you can potentially start with ANY of these, I wondered whether listing it for the purposes of balance was worthwhile. Then I remembered most GMs don't smoke so much crack that they would let a player start with a fully-automatic assault canon just because the rules say they can, so I decided to list them all anyways.

The only time I list higher-rating versions of things is when it uses a non-linear advancement scheme. For example, Remote Control ECCM is listed because rating 1-3 all availability 4 while rating 4-6 is rating 6.

What is the purpose of this? It's to inform GMs of what kind of equipment will become available if they loosen up the availability guidelines. You may want to do so, especially if you run your games more like action movies than the stealth implied in canon. Even if you do run a total stealth game, you may still want to loosen it up to 9. There's a couple of nifty stealth things in there that your players will love you for implementing. I was contemplating running a high-end mercenary campaign, jungle warfare and all that jazz and wanted to know the consequences of opening up each availability rating.

The only thing writing this has taught me is that the designers hate odd numbers.

Oh, things are listed in this order for each availability level: Stuff from the BB, then CC, M&M, R3, and I think I just threw whatever caught my eye in M3 on at the end. I'm not sure I actually found anything in there.

Who knows, maybe someone out there will make use of this thing or add onto it things I didn't bother adding on.

Availability 9
SA Puzzler(18 CC)
WW Infiltrator(18 CC)
Ingram Supermach 100(21 CC)
Supersquirt II(115 M&M)
ELD-AR(115 M&M)
Splat Gun(116 M&M))

Availability 10
HK227-S(278 BBB)
Tripod(282 BBB)
Plastic Compound XII(283 BBB)
Rentaku Kraftwek-8(304 BBB)
Cavalier Scout(16 CC)
Raecor Sting(16 CC)
Spike Launcher(27 CC)
Flamethrower(30 CC)
Gun cane(31 CC)
Glazer Rounds(38 CC)
Incendiary Rounds(38 CC)
Superflash Grenades(41 CC)
AV Mines(42 CC)
Zapper Rockets(44 CC)
Heritage Line(49 CC)
Second Skin Line(49 CC)
Personal Comm Unit Rating 5-7 (55 CC)
Laser Link(55 CC)
Satellite Link(55 CC)
HALO Parachute(56 CC)
Rentaku Krafterk-8 Cranial Cyberdeck(20 M&M)
Invoked Memory Stimulator(21 M&M)
RCD BattleTec FDDM(25 M&M)
Cyberarm Gyromount(37 M&M)
Adrenal Pump(64 M&M)
Chemical Gland(64 M&M)
Damage Compensators Level 3-5(72 M&M)
Thermosense Organs(75 M&M)
Nanite Facilitator(91 M&M)
Bioware Regenerator(92 M&M)
Carcerand-Plus(Transient)(92 M&M)
Nantidotes(Free-floating)(94 M&M)
Plastisteel Catalyst(113 M&M)
Spray Foam Explosive Can(114 M&M)
Valkyrie Module Modification(140 M&M)
BattleTec FDDM(98 R3)
Zapper Strip(101 R3)
Smart Armor System(134 R3)
BattleTec FDDM Receiver Module(142 R3)
ECM Rating 5(144 R3)
ECCM Rating 6(144 R3)
ED Rating 4(144 R3)
ECD Rating 4(144 R3)
Over-The-Horizon Sensors(146 R3)
Sensors Rating 6(147 R3)
Sonar Raing 6(148 R3)
Towed Array Sonar(148 R3)
Amphibious Operation Package Rating 2(149 R3)

Availability 11

Availability 12
Ranger Arms SM-3(278 BBB)
IWS Multi-launcher(279 BBB)
Anti-Personnel Missiles(281 BBB)
Anti-Vehicule Missiles(281 BBB)
High Explosive Missiles(281 BBB)
Light Security Armor(284 BBB)
Security Helmet(284 BBB)
Cranial Kink Bomb(298 BBB)
Stabalization Unit(304 BBB)
RCD ECCM Rating 7-9 (306 BBB)
Elchiro Hatamoto(19 CC)
Yamaha Pulsar(19 CC)
Walther MA-2100(21 CC)
HK G38(22 CC)
Steyr AUG-CSL(22 CC)
Mossberg SM-CMDT(23 CC)
Aztechnology Lasher(27 CC)
Shiawase Blazer(30 CC)
Bracer(31 CC)
Laser Designator(35 CC)
MP Jabberwocky Rocket/Missile(44 CC)
BattleTec Master Component(54 CC)
BattleTec Receiver Component(54 CC)
Remote Trigger System(54 CC)
Master Comm Unit Rating 1-4 (55 CC)
Personal Comm Unit Rating 8-9(55 CC)
Cybereye Laser Designator(15 M&M)
Tactical Computer(23 M&M)
BattleTec Cyberlink(23 M&M)
RCD ECCM Rating 7-9(25 M&M)
Move-By-Wire Rating 2(31 M&M)
Ablative Body Plating(37 M&M)
Articulated Arm(41 M&M)
Tailored Pheremones(71 M&M)
Damage Compensators Level 7-9(72 M&M)
Guardian Angel(91 M&M)
Carcerand-Plus(Free floating)(92 M&M)
Fingerprint Mappers(92 M&M)
Nanosymbiotes(93 M&M)
Retinal Tailors(94 M&M)
FAE Bomb(113 M&M)
Thermite(114 M&M)
Cascade(115 M&M)
*.*Delta Clinic Rating 1(138 M&M)
Ablative Armor Rating 2(131 R3)
ECM Rating 6(144 R3)
ECCM Rating 7(144 R3)
ED Rating 5(144 R3)
ECD Rating 5(144 R3)
Sensors Rating 7(147 R3)
Sonar Rating 7(148 R3)
Amphibious Operation Package Rating 3(149 R3)

Availability 13

Availability 14
Ultimax MMG(279 BBB)
APDS Ammo(281 BBB)
Medium Security Armor(284 BBB)
Facilty(288 BBB)
Transys Highlander(304 BBB)
Executive Action(18 CC)
Ruger Thunderbolt(19 CC)
Barret Model 121(21 CC)
Ares HVAR(22 CC)
Gyrojet Plus(40 CC)
Trapdoor Smart Mine(42 CC)
Master Comm Unit Rating 5-7(55 CC)
Personal Comm Unit Rating 10+(55 CC)
Microwave Link(55 CC)
PAB Unit Rating 1(70 CC)
Transys Highlander Cranial Cyberdeck(20 M&M)
Gemini(93 M&M)
Gremlins(93 M&M)
Thermite Burning Bars(114 M&M)
Green Ring 3(119 M&M)
Ablative Armor Rating 3(131 R3)
BattleTec IVIS Receiver Module(142 R3)
ECM Rating 7(144 R3)
ECCM Rating 8(144 R3)
Sensors Rating 8(147 R3)
Sonar Rating 8(148 R3)

Availability 15

Availability 16
*Vigorous Assault Cannon(279 BBB)
Heavy Security Armor(284 BBB)
Deluxe Stabalization Unit(304 BBB)
Programs Rating 10+(304 BBB)
*Panther Cannon(26 CC)
AV Rounds(38 CC)
Big D's Temper(39 CC)
Master Comm Unit Rating 8-9 Master Comm Unit(55 CC)
PAB Unit Rating 2(70 CC)
Nanite Hunters(93 M&M)
Green Ring 8(119 M&M)
Piranha Launcher(90 R3)
Firearms Conversion Kit(MMG/HMG/Assault cannon)(136 R3)
ECM Rating 8(144 R3)
ECCM Rating 9(144 R3)
ED Rating 6(144 R3)
ECD Rating 6(144 R3)
Sensors Rating 9(147 R3)
Sonar Rating 9(148 R3)

Availability 17

Availability 18
Cranial Microbomb(298 BBB)
Novatech Slimcase-10(304 BBB)
RCD ECCM Rating 10(306 BBB)
Macautl(8 CC)
Stoner-Ares M107(26 CC)
***M-12 Portable Mortar(26 CC)
**Ballista Launcher(28 CC)
Voljager Launcher(28 CC)
Redline(30 CC)
SAM(44 CC)
Light Military Grade Armor(51 CC)
Military Grade Helmet(51 CC)
Master Comm Unit Rating 10+(55 CC)
Novatech Slimcase-10 Cranial Cyberdeck(20 M&M)
RCD ECCM Rating 10(25 M&M)
Move-By-Wire Rating 3(31 M&M)
Nanite Hive(91 M&M)
Vengeance MMG(90 R3)
Vanquisher HMG(90 R3)
ECM Rating 9(144 R3)
ECCM Rating 10(144 R3)
Sensors Rating 10(147 R3)
Sonar Rating 10(148 R3)

Availability 19

Availability 20
Cranial Area Bomb(298 BBB)
Ares HV MP-LMG(26 CC)
PAB Unit Rating 3(70 CC)
Move-By-Wire Rating 4(31 M&M)
Cutters(92 M&M)
Seven-7(121 M&M)
Vigilant Cannon(90 R3)
Victory Cannon(90 R3)
ECM Rating 10(144 R3)

Availability 21
PAB Unit Rating 4(70 CC)
Laes(120 M&M)

Availability 22
Fairlight Excalibur(304 BBB)

Availability 23

Availability 24
Monofilament Whip
Vindicator Minigun(26 CC)
Laser III(30 CC)
Microwave Designator(35 CC)
Radar Designator(35 CC)
Medium Military Grade Armor(51 CC)
PAB Unit Rating 5(70 CC)
Fairlight Excalibur(20 M&M)
Monowire(96 M&M)

Availability 25

Availability 26

Availability 27
Heavy Laser Plus(30 CC)

Availability 28
Heavy Military Grade Armor(51 CC)

*I don't list assault AV cannon ammo because the availability of all assault cannons is equal to or greater than 16, the availability of AV assault cannon rounds.
**I'm not listing the ballista missiles because they all have availabilitys equal to or less than the launcher. It's fairly pointless to have ammo and nothing to fire it with.
***The M-12 has a problem opposite the ballista in that it is listed at 12, but all mortar rounds have an availability of 18. That is why I list it at 18, as there is no point in owning a launcher but no mortars.
*.*Yeah, I list rating 1 delta clinics. I felt it to be an important milestone - It means your characters can now implant themselves with deltaware. If they can come up with a supplier for the 'ware itself, they will not neccessairily be beholden to them to also perform the neccessary installation and upkeep.
Wow...definately will come in handy for me smile.gif

Thanks. How long did writing this list take?
I was contemplating running a ganger campaign, so I wrote up this chart to see what would be banned at each availability level.

Simply put, it is totally worthless to put on availability limits on what players can have because the availability in SR is bullshit. The AK-97 is availability 3. That's the same as an Ares Predator. Unless you lower it to 2, forcing your players to use nothing but Holdout Pistols and melee weapons, they will STILL be able to have automatic weapons of virtually the same effectiveness as any normal runner campaign. I didn't even bother to add CC to this. I completely ignored all of the communications and such. I defy anyone to find a situation where starting with a *GASP* VIDEO CAMERA would break the game.

Your only hope for running a low-power is to just ban certain types of weapons.

Availability Always
Fine Clothing(284 BBB)
Ordinary Clothing(284 BBB)
Tres Chic Clothing(284 BBB)
Real Leather(284 BBB)
Synthetic Leather(284 BBB)

Availability 2
Knife(275 BBB)
Club(275 BBB)
Sap(265 BBB)
Throwing Knife(276 BBB)
Shuriken(276 BBB)
Streetline Special(278 BBB)
Regular Ammo(281 BBB)
Concealable Holster(282 BBB)
Spare Clips(282 BBB)
Gas Vent II(282 BBB)
Gas Vent III(282 BBB)
Shock Pads(282 BBB)
Armor Clothing(284 BBB)
Armor Vest(284 BBB)
Storage Tooth Compartment(298 BBB)
Radio(298 BBB)
Radio Receiver(298 BBB)
Cosmetic Ear Modification(299 BBB)
Cyberears(299 BBB)
Cosmetic Eye Modification(300 BBB)
Cybereyes(300 BBB)
Voice Modulator(302 BBB)
Voice Modulator(Increased Volume)(302 BBB)
Voice Modulator(Tonal Shift)(302 BBB)
Baseline Cyberware Simrig(302 BBB)
Hitcher Jack(303 BBB)
Off-line Storage(303 BBB)
Vidscreen Display(303 BBB)
Program Rating 1-3(303 BBB)
Medkit(303 BBB)
Medkit Supplies(303 BBB)
Stimulant Patch(303 BBB)
Sustaining Focus(304 BBB)

Availability 3
Sword(275 BBB)
Survival Knife(275 BBB)
Stun Baton(275 BBB)
Combat Axe(275 BBB)
Staff(275 BBB)
Standard Bow(276 BBB)
Arrows(276 BBB)
Walther Palm Pistol(278 BBB)
Beretta Model 10IT(278 BBB)
Colt American L36(278 BBB)
Fichetti Security 500(278 BBB)
Fichetti Security 500a(278 BBB)
Ares Predator(278 BBB)
Ares Viper Slivergun(278 BBB)
Browning Max Power(278 BBB)
Remington Roomsweeper(278 BBB)
Ruger Super Warhawk(278 BBB)
Remington 750(278 BBB)
Remington 950(278 BBB)
Defiance T-250(278 BBB)
AK-97(278 BBB)
Flechette Rounds(281 BBB)
Explosive Rounds(281 BBB)
Tracer Rounds(281 BBB)
Low-Light Scope(282 BBB)
Mag 1/2/3 Scope(282 BBB)
Thermographic Scope(282 BBB)
Smart goggles(282 BBB)
Smoke Grenades(283 BBB)
Flash-Pak(283 BBB)
Armor Jacket(284 BBB)
Armor Vest With Plates(284 BBB)
Secure Clothing(284 BBB)
Secure Vest(284 BBB)
Secure Ultra-Vest(284 BBB)
Secure Long Coat(284 BBB)
Chipjack(298 BBB)
Knowsoft Link(298 BBB)
Memory(298 BBB)
Breakable Tooth Compartment(298 BBB)
Commlink(298 BBB)
Telephone(298 BBB)
Retinal Clock(300 BBB)
Fingertip Compartment(302 BBB)
Smartlink(302 BBB)
Spur(302 BBB)
Boosted Reflexes 1,2,3(302 BBB)
Simlink(302 BBB)
Expendable Spell Focus(304 BBB)
Fetishes - All - (304 BBB)

Availability 4
Forearm Snap Blades(275 BBB)
Katana(275 BBB)
Polearm(275 BBB)
Whip(275 BBB)
H&K HK227(278 BBB)
Ingram Smartgun(278 BBB)
Uni III(278 BBB)
Gel Rounds(281 BBB)
Silncer(282 BBB)
Standard Gyromount(282 BBB)
Deluxe Gyromount(282 BBB)
External Smartgun(282 BBB)
Offensive Grenades(283 BBB)
Defensive Grenades(283 BBB)
IR Smoke Grenades(283 BBB)
Radio Detonator(284 BBB)
Timer(283 BBB)
Secure Jacket(284 BBB)
Camo Jacket(284 BBB)
Subvocal Microphones(cybernetic)(298 BBB)
Hearing Amplification(299 BBB)
High Frequency Hearing(299 BBB)
Low Frequency Hearing(299 BBB)
Display Link(300 BBB)
Image Link(300 BBB)
Low-Light Vision(300 BBB)
Protective Covers(300 BBB)
Themographic Vision(300 BBB)
Optical Vision Mag 1&2(300 BBB)
Muscle Replacement(302 BBB)
Voice Modulator(Playback)(302 BBB)
Dermal Plating 1,2,3(302 BBB)
Wired Reflexes 1 & 2(302 BBB)
Allegiance Sigma Cyberdeck(303 BBB)
Sony CTY-360-D(303 BBB)
Novetech Hyperdeck-6(303 BBB)
Program Rating 4-6(303 BBB)
Tranq Patch(303 BBB)
Trauma Patch(303 BBB)
Specific Spell Focus(304 BBB)
Spirit Focus(304 BBB)

Availability 5
Shock Glove(275 BBB)
*..*Light Crossbow(276 BBB)
Medium Crossbow(276 BBB)
Ceska Black Scorpion(278 BBB)
AK-97 SMG/Carbine(278 BBB)
Concussion Grenades(283 BBB)
Camo Fullsuit(284 BBB)
Flare Compensation(300 BBB)
Optical Vision Mag 3(300 BBB)
Electronic Vision Mag 1&2(300 BBB)
Plastic Bone Lacing(302 BBB)
Aluminum Bone Lacing(302 BBB)
Titanium Bone Lacing(302 BBB)
Retractable Hand Razors(302 BBB)
Retractable Spur(302 BBB)
Spell Category Focus(304 BBB)

Availability 6
Heavy Crossbow(276 BBB)
Ingram Valiant(279 BBB)
!WTF!Defiance Supershock(278 BBB)
Taser Darts(281 BBB)
Ex-Explosive Rounds(281 BBB)
Bipod(282 BBB)
Sound Suppressor(282 BBB)
Laser Sight(282 BBB)
Commercial Explosives(283 BBB)
Datalock(298 BBB)
Select Sound Filter(298 BBB)
Eye Camera(300 BBB)
Opticam(300 BBB)
Hand Blade(302 BBB)
Improved Hand Razors(302 BBB)
Voice Modulator(secondary pattern)(302 BBB)
Air, Blood, and Ingest Toxin Filtration(302 BBB)
Full-X Cyberware Simrig(302 BBB)
Vehicle Control Rig 1(302 BBB)
Reaction Enhancer(302 BBB)
CMT Avatar(303 BBB)
Biomonitor(303 BBB)
Antidote Patch(303 BBB)
Power Focus(304 BBB)

Availability 7

Availability 8
Enfield AS-7(278 BBB)
AK-98(278 BBB)
Ares Antioch(279 BBB)
Ultrasound Sight(282 BBB)
*GD*Ulrtasound Goggles(282 BBB)
Gas Grenades(283 BBB)
Compound IV(283 BBB)
Small Riot Shield(284 BBB)
Large Riot Shield(284 BBB)
Ballistic Riot Shield(284 BBB)
Recorder(Cyberear)(298 BBB)
Retinal Duplication(298 BBB)
Electronic Vision Mag 3(298 BBB)
Vehicle Control Rig 2 & 3(302 BBB)
Wired Reflexes 3(302 BBB)
Program Rating 7-9(303 BBB)
Weapon Foci(304 BBB)

*..* The Light Crossbow is listed at 5 becaues that's the availability of crossbow bolts.
!WTF! The Defiance is listed at 6 because that's the availability of taser darts.
*GD* Goddamnit, what is it with designers and making equipment dependent on each other different availabilitys? Goggles normally 3, put at 8 because that's the avail of the sight.
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