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Full Version: Music in the Matrix trailer
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Patrick Goodman
Once, many a moon ago, there were trailers for the original The Matrix film. Those trailers featured some really cool which does not, in fact, appear in the movie or in the movie's score.

At one point, I think someone had established that they'd used some music by Enigma as part of the soundtrack for that trailer. I don't suppose any of you alarmingly knowledgable folks might know which track and which album that music comes from, would you?

Thanks in advance.
It's an Enigma track entitled The Eyes of Truth.


It is the second track on the album, The Cross of Changes.
Crimsondude 2.0
23 minutes! Must be a slow day.
northern lights
no but in doing the affirmation research, he undoubtedly played cross of changes, rememberred it was the best music ever for oral sex and promptly called in a favor from his girlfriend.
I. what?
Crimsondude 2.0
Since when does anyone on DS have a girlfriend?
Luke Hardison
QUOTE (Crimsondude 2.0)
Since when does anyone on DS have a girlfriend?

Is that IRL or in game?

Cause my face has like 20.
Patrick Goodman
And they say I'm crass and obnoxious....

Arethusa, I thank you for your prompt reply. I will now arrange to acquire that particular disc.
QUOTE (Crimsondude 2.0)
Since when does anyone on DS have a girlfriend?

I do... but my wife will kill me if she finds out about her.
Could have sworn the music in that trailer was Rob D's Clubbed to Death but I might be just thinking of DVDs menu screen.
No, the music in the trailer everyone remembers is most assuredly The Eyes of Truth. Hop on your favorite p2p and check it out; I'm sure you'll recognize it.

The Kuryamino remix (or any other variation, for that matter) of Clubbed to Death is not the music that plays on the DVD title screen. Supposedly, it is a song called Conquest of Truth by Music Junkies. has more. I should note that this song is, far as I can tell, impossible to find.
Crusher Bob
A lot of early trailers will use 'filer' music instead to the 'actual' movie soundtrack. (which often seems better than the actual sound track anyway frown.gif)
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