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i've had a little obession with our friendly neighbors to the north ever since i saw the movie Shiri. It's a great shadowrun movie i think and has the best opening sequence in a film since Hackers maybe. anybody have info on North Korea and Shadowrun?
North Korean propaganda is nice, it has more nature imagery than Soviet and CIS-types of social realism.
there is no north korea in shadowrun. in 2005 (i think), the south went north with support from japan and unified the countries.
Kanada Ten
We might see more in Shadows of Asia (are you in on that yet, otomik?), but this is the headlines of Korea in the Timeline Explorer:

Timeline Explorer

2005 - In South Korea, President Rhee is assassinated by a Communist dissident. General Yun, commander of the army, seizes control of the nation. Yun initiates hostilities against North Korea leading to the Second Korean War, or Korea II. (Target: Smuggler's Havens)

2006 - In North Korea, the government, afraid of interference from the growing corporations, initiates an assault on Japan. Several Nadong missiles are launched at Japan with crude nuclear warheads but these fail to detonate. (Target: Smuggler's Havens)

2006 - In Japan, the North Korean attack leads to a strengthening of the growing Japanese Imperialist movement. (Target: Smuggler's Havens)

2006 - The Second Korean War ends with a South Korean victory. (Target: Smuggler's Havens)

2006 - In Korea, the Kwon Sham Group is formed through the merger of a dozen smaller companies trying to avoid hostile takeovers. (Blood in the Boardroom)

2032 - In Chiba, Japan, the oyabun of the Yakuza sends new Korean bosses to run the Seattle organizations. (Seattle Sourcebook)

2032 - In the Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, the Yakuza begins to recruit large numbers of Koreans to bolster their ranks in their war against the Mafia. (Seattle Sourcebook)

2042 - In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, the Oyabun of the Yakuza, seeing that the new Korean bosses are now putting Korean interests over Japanese interests, sends an ultimatum to them: Pledge their loyalty to the Oyabun or face the consequences. The Koreans ignore this threat. (Seattle Sourcebook)

2043 - In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, the Yakuza sends Japanese assassins to purge all Koreans from their organization. Most are killed but some escape. One of these, Pak Jai Kyu, begins to form the Seoulpa Rings with the help of his remaining followers. The concept catches on around the Metroplex and throughout the rest of North America. (Seattle Sourcebook)

2052 - The Eastern Tiger Corporation of Korea attempts a takeover of the Mitsuhama controlled Highstar Corporation. In a surprise move the Renraku Corporation prevents the takeover by buying a major portion of Highstar stock. This is under secret agreement with Mitsuhama and that Renraku has agreed to sell the stock back to Mitsuhama once the Eastern Tiger threat is gone. When Eastern Tiger loses interest in Highstar, Renraku refuses to sell its Highstar stock to Mitsuhama. Mitsuhama Seattle's president, Toshikazu Nakamura, appeals to the Corporate Court, but to no avail. (Corporate Shadowfiles)
Yeah, North Korea's gone which is a shame. After seeing Shiri, and the training sequence is cool, I wanted to do something like it. Briefly, here's some of the information on Korea in 2060. You can find page references and more information in the Asia Index that I posted in the other thread.

Korea's run by some guy with the title of President-General so I figure that it's like the several times in the past where the military have taken over running the country.

Target: Smuggler Havens has some information on Korea and mentions that the Japanese regularly sending naval warships to visit Korean ports to remind them who's calling the shots. Of course, after Year of the Comet that's all changed. Also mentions the major ports of Pusan, Wonsan and Ch'ongjin and that Korean pirates make a point of hitting Japanese shipping.

Seoul has an active Shadowland node. Blood in the Boardroom has some information on Eastern Tiger Corporation and Kwonsham Industries, two Korean corporations that belong to the Pacific Prosperity Group. And the novel Tails You Lose, I think although I can't be sure, mentions a Korean company that's run by a dragon.

Even if North Korea is gone, I'm sure you wouldn't have much if any trouble dropping something similar into the Shadowrun world- Yakut (Awakened Siberia) would be a good choice IMO. Breakaway province, continuous low-level border warfare and fairly insular with little known about their internal structure or government yet wanting to exapnd and take Russian territory.
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