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Does anyone have a really good series of maps of each district in Seattle?

The ones in the New Seattle book are lame, at best.
Frag-o Delux

is that ok? It was one of the first things the search feature turned up.
Gots damn i forgot all about this. Thank mang.
I guess that'll have to do, if it's the best thing out there.
It's better than the New Seattle book anyway, but still very empty.
Kanada Ten
There was something posted recently by Gondor, but the links are dead. I understand that Adam of TSS is in possession of them and that they may yet see web as PDF files in the near future. I managed to save on of the files for Auburn (Auburn-North1-ESize.pdf), and it weighs in at 366 KB. Very detailed. You should be able to email Gondor (vdenboer at sbcglobal dot net) and request the map files in PDF. Be warned: he will send you 21 very large files.
Number 6
I just went out and bought a nice map of Seattle from the bookstore. Cost about $6 for a wall sized map. The streets and stuff help in detailed chases.
Those maps were pretty cool. Basically 2004 street maps of Seattle with updates posted over them, like the location of every single business mentioned in the Shadowrun books anywhere, including but not limited to the Archology (DAMN that thing's huge!), Aztechnology Pyramid, Banshee (of Dreamchipper fame), Underworld 93, most of the other clubs, the stores, the restaurants, etc.

The Abstruse One
Mr. Man
Yeah, the maps used to be here. I downloaded and printed most of them, but deleted the files to free up disk space. If I had known they were going away I would have saved them as my friends want copies now.
I've still got the maps. If anyone wants them, send me a message with your email address or AIM/Yahoo ID and I'll zip them up for you. Note that it'll be about 10 megs or so probably, and make sure to let me know if you want the pdf (Acrobat) or pdd (Photoshop) version. The photoshop versions are a bit more detailed, but not everyone has Photoshop.

Edit: The zip files are 38.8 megs for the .pdd files and 31.5 megs for the .pdf versions, so emailing may be out. Just send me a message on here and I'll try to send them through a messaging program.

The Abstruse One
Just to bring up an old thread, does anyone know where online one could find printable Seattle maps, especially cerca 2054? I'm especially interested in the Redmond area.

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