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Full Version: Dragons in Australia
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I'm being lazy and didn't look this up using the search feature.

Dragons in Oz?




Why not?

My book is at home and i'm at work. spin.gif
Yes, he/she is called Tjurjunga, an adult of unknown type. This stuff's in Dragons of the 6th world, with no references I can find in Target: Awakened lands, though I admit I wasn't looking too hard. No info on race, since he/she tends to leave few survivors. Pg 174, just to save you the effort.
Ancient History
Current speculation is that the dragon may be Earthroot or sired by Earthroot.
You guys rock!!!

No, dudes. You got it all wrong! It's really Dunkelzahn reborn and man is he cheesed! That whole dragon assasination thing really torqued him off and now he's out for blood! He's gonna team up with Sirrurg and Aden and really kick some ass now!
@Ancient History: Earthroot, heh? What makes you say that, any hints I might have missed?

@last of the great mikeys: Are you trying to become the next Lone Gunman? wink.gif
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