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Full Version: Program Carriers
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I don't have 1E or 2E books, but I heard these things mentioned in a few places, and I am curious as to find out what they are/were, and where I can get info on them.

Sounds matrixish. Could they refer to the Trojan Horse software virus carrier programs of today?
If I remember correctly, they're the grand-daddies of 3E frames. Essentially, you lump a bunch of programs together and smack up poor little deckers with all of them at once.
If that's the case, frames do sound like the 3e version (though they have some stupid rules attached) wink.gif

Agents being even better, of course.

Dumb frames are able to serve as "weapon carriers" (listed as one of their main functions). So maybe that's the closest equivalent.
Kanada Ten
I'm so old I actually know what he's talking about.

Program carrier were what allowed one to "deck naked" in that one did not need a deck, but rather had carriers to run his or her programs. They do not exist in third edition.
Ancient History
Specifically, program carriers (most famous user: the Dodger) are thre prongs set in the hand that contain persona programs, allowing the user to jack directly into the Matrix without a deck...or the protections and programs a deck offers.

THeir only 2nd-edition mention was in the Denver Boxed Set, where it was revealed they did some sort of damage to the nervous system. That was about 2055, when the otaku were first announced.
Yep. Cellular damage, IIRC.

Plastic Warriors did a 3rd ed update of them in their runners gear netbook. nuyen.gif it!
Where can you find that?

Check out the other stuff as well.

I personally love Running Gear but aren't too keen on the CP conversions...
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