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Full Version: Drive: Bulldozers goes awry...
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Both have video of the scene, CNNs requires a login, though.

So, how DO you handle the math for a modified bulldozer hitting a building? This sounds more like something out of CP2020 (remember the Punknaughts?), but I can totally imagine urban destruction machines like this existing in the Redmond Barrens and other places.

Wonder if the 'Star stocks up on AT missiles?

(EDIT: And after I realize this is a dupe post, why can't i erase it?)
I'm not sure, probably massive ramming damage but the rules, I think, never gave the rules for hitting a house. You'd have to work the power of the 'dozer against the strength of the wall, but work out how the dozer could have high power while still moving at a relatively low speed.

The pics of the 'dozer are also interesting. The driver had an on going conflict with his neighbors over zoning rules he didn't like. So apparently over the last few weeks he'd been putting armor on the bulldozer just so he could go berserk.
John Campbell
I've been saying for a while that the Mesametric Kodiak would make a pretty decent budget tank in a pinch...
A rigger in my team has been doing just that for 6 months now.
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