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Full Version: Simsense Recordings. How are they made?
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Hi people. I was thinking it might be cool if characters could record their own simsense's. But after a quick flick thru the rules I was unable to find how to go about this. I don't have all the rulebooks (yet...).
Can anyone tell me what is required, and do you need a datajack to make the recording etc?
Shadowbeat is the book for this stuff.

Basically you need someone with a simsense rig, loads of computer time (and memory) - a single second of full-X simsense requires 3MP memory for the wet record (the basic output from the rig).

It then needs post-production stuff including running through a simsynth and Bob's your mother's brother.
All that they really need is the Simrig (the induction trodes worn by a person to record the baseline simsense signal) and the Simlink (which includes the transmitter, reciever, and recorder) They are described on pg. 289 of the main book, and on the table on pg. 290. It tells you how many Mp it takes to record simsense, but doesn't give you the capacity of the recorder. Given the huge cost of the Simlink, I would simply assume that it can handle, say, a few hours at a time or so. Post-production would probably be more involved. They would probably need some kind of business partner to handle that end of things.

I am sure there would be a market for shadowrunner sims (although, ironically, they might not be as "exciting" as the fabricated ones), but I question the intelligence of any shadowrunner doing this. It's kind of like taking a video camera into a bank and videotaping yourself robbing the bank, then selling copies of it. You are giving people evidence that you have committed a crime, shown them all of the abilities and tactics that you have used in doing so, and alerted potential future targets. Pretty boneheaded for a profession that is supposed to thrive on anonymity.
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