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So a player in one of my game wants an RC car that mounts a LAW. I am not so sure about this, and we talked a little. Before I outrigth say no I thought I'd get some commentary, hopefully shedding light on our situation from a direction we hadn't considered.

He estimates his RC cars will be at least a foot long, and wants to be able to reuse them after a launch.

I'm not so sure this is a realistic expectation. (Both using RC cars for this purpose, and reusing them.)

What do you think?
Assuming the car has enough Load to carry the LAW, I'd allow him to strap it on top with a few caveats.

1. No aiming except by pointing the vehicle. This isn't a proper mount, it's a kludged together toy. [edit] "Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a number out of my ass!" +4 TN sounds ok. [/edit]

2. Jack the handling up. I mean way up. Strapping a LAW to the roof is going to make the thing top heavy in a big way. We're talking rollover city.

3. I'm pretty sure LAWs are more or less recoilless, but if not, the car must make a crash test when the LAW is fired. I don't remember if there are even rules for stationary vehicles making crash tests, so you may just omit this if he fires it from a standstill.
Um, why a LAW? Why not just strap an explosive to the sucker?

I mean, the advantage of remote control is that it's, well, remote.

Why not just use the car as a mobile projectile in and of itself??

I dunno if I'm making my question clear.


Hm... a RC car is roughly equivalent to a Body 1 drone. Assuming that it's slightly larger than toaster-sized, it's not a body 0 drone. If he says it weighs less than 10 pounds or so, then tell him it counts as a body 0 drone.

P 137 of R3 answers this one-- ground vehicles with roll bars can carry a number of missiles equal to their body, at a -1 to their sig, on an external mount. If he's got the CF, he can make it an internal mount. So yeah, he can-- but check the weight rating on them carefully! Load and Body are the restrictions, here.

So, if he says the drones are small and very light, then they qualify as body 0 drones, and cannot carry any missiles. If they're a bit more robust and at least toaster-sized, then they count as body 1 drones and can carry one missile.
I am so putting missiles on my toaster.

My ex girlfriend had a toaster like that, sorta. The pop-up thingie didn't pop up unless forced, and she once put some cheap imitation pop-tarts in there and forgot about them.

I learned later that this is a common phenomenon.
I had a character once who took remote control cars like these and just strapped some C4 to them. Drive it under a parked car, hit a button, car's not going anyware anymore. He'd also strap cas grenades set to a slow disperse onto them, then drive them through air ducts.

Treated them as body zero drones. Made stats for wheeled, tracked, and helicopter versions. Because he knew they were going to be for blowing up, he made them with less simsence feed, and set up the deck so he could lose them without any dumpshock.
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