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Full Version: The Gipper's last sunset.
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Aw, man...

All I get is a sign up add for the NY Times. Shall I assume Reagan passed away?

I got a log-in screen, but I already know what it's about.

He will be missed. frown.gif

And no political flame wars, please. I'm in a poor mood, and I feel like taking my anger out on anyone who starts turning this gentle forum into a bloody battleground. Thank you.
Yeah, he passed away. I am saddened.

I have automatic login to the NY Times so I forgot about that, sorry.

I may disagree with a lot of his politics, but I do respect him. And now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'm wondering just what this has to do with Shadowrun.

But since it's coming, I may as well start: bring back the lounge! Hasta la siempre victoria!

The revolution will be televised, but you may not make copies and distribute it to your friends.
Crimsondude 2.0
I'm so glad the Lounge is dead. I just some people would accept it and move on.

Like the person who decided that this should be on a Shadowrun forum. F.
Anyone who posts something about Reagan on a shadowrun forum is just ASKING for a political flame war. This thread shouldn't have been started in the first place. I'll warn everyone right now, I intend to respond to attacks made against liberals.
Beast of Revolutions
Wow, six posts and the discussion has already turned from individual policies and politicians to conservatives and liberals, the only two ideologies in the world.

I'm surprised old Ronnie made it this long; while he officially was diagnosed with the disease in '94, he probably actually had it since 86 or so. That's a hell of a long time to survive with Alzheimer's.
Clearly, Reagan's belated death was the cause of the split between the real-world timeline and the Shadowrun timeline. If he'd died earlier, we might have had the Shiawase and Seretech decisions by now.

id just like to say that at this moment, off the top of my mind i cant think of a worse president all my family and any of our associates have to say (all working class americans) is bad stuff about the guys politics, both as our govenor and our president. Im never happy when someone dies, but at the same time its pretty hard to be sad.

(intents not to start a flame, but i cant let reagan praise go unchecked)
Omega Skip
For those thinkng "Well, I don't quite agree with XYZ, better tell him right now that he's wrong for all those reasons:...", please take your opinions to this funky little happy place, and let the rest of us continue our discussion about the game Shadowrun.

Thank you. wink.gif

Can somebody please close this topic now?
Closed. Off-Topic, and very obviously so.
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