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Full Version: Photovoltaics as an Add on
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If you wanted clothing or armor to be photovoltaic, how much would it cost, how would it operate, and is it in any books?
Zeel De Mort
I don't think it's in any books, but reading what it says on p153 of R3 it would probably be possible, at least on certain kinds of armour. It needs a monofilament mesh covering the surfaces first, then the paint is applied. It's all hooked up to power and a computer control system, so it's not exactly lightweight. But I guess security armour and the like could have some panels fitted out with it, if you really want.

Alternatively CC lists several kinds of armoured clothing that have a similar effect, although not exactly the same as photovoltaic paint. For example the Rapid Transit Line (p50 CC) lets you switch between up to ten different preprogrammed colours/patterns.
Photovoltaic pain cannot be applied to clothing, p.123 SSG

You need Reuthenium polymers for that. Note that you only need the reuthenium, not the little monitor thingies, since you're not looking to replicate whats around you. So simply get enough Reuthenium to make clothes, and presto.
Capt. Dave
On the plus side, it comes with a few monitors, apparently, so you can get a +4 to perception rolls to spot you, if it covers your whole body. Downside, ruthenium's quite a bit more expensive.
Beast of Revolutions
Actually, you can buy photovoltaic clothing. You can't just modify any clothing to be photovoltaic; you have to buy it made that way. Photovoltaic clothes are perfectly legal, and the only kind I know of is the Rapid Transit jumpsuit, which can be found near the end of the armored clothing section of Cannon Companion. These jumpsuits provide pretty good protection, can hold up to a dozen patterns in their memory, and cost around a grand, making them a hell of a lot more affordable than ruthenium.
On the additional plus side, they have a helmet available, so you can have a base 2/6 armor, that can be almost any camo pattern.
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