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Full Version: Year of the Comet: Expressions?
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I was thinking about picking up Year of the Comet, but wanted to know a little about it first.
Is it good?
Is it bad?
What are Race Expressions?

Thanks in advance for any help. smile.gif
Ancient History
I liked it a lot.

I think by "race expressions" you mean SURGE. I could go into greater detail, but it would spoil it if ye've not read the book first. Bookis more entertaining anywho.
Herald of Verjigorm
Year of the Comet is a nice update book. It has some useful regional update chatter and a few more general updates. It introduces a few new improvements on some tough critters as well as a new phenomenon that allows for many more variations of the norms.

Some SR players hate the fact that SURGE is also allowed for metahumanity, but it's easy enough to ignore those whiners.
Kanada Ten
One of my three top picks for third edition. The stories are well written and fluid. However, they are in true Shadowrun form and historical perspective. Therefore, if you don't like the Shadowrun history, YotC (Year of the Comet) will do little for you. The book has hundreds of plot hooks and runs.

SURGE has a great deal of potential for both bad and good. If used lightly and gave more to power up critters, then it can be very dark and cool. If overexploited, it can lead to highly cheesed games (not that either is better than the other).
No, I think by expressions, he meant impressions, which has the exact opposite meaning.

It's a pretty good book. Has a lot of fodder for run ideas. Also includes the Shedim, an evil new kind of spirit that only exists free, and follows different rules than summonable spirits. The best part, though, is SURGE. It adds a lot of cool character options, and playing a campaign during the year of the comet, making characters roll for SURGE whenever they are exposed to powerful magic, is really fun.
I'd definately have to recommend it. It outlines a lot of changes in the Shadowrun world and a load of different run ideas from them. Of course, if you're more into street level Seattle games where what happens in the world doesn't really affect things, then it's probably not as great a purchase.

Personally I never liked SURGE all that much myself. But the expressions of it were meant to be fairly rare and you can just use GM fiat if you don't want it in your game. Some people love it, some just take it or leave it, but the majority- from what I've seen- aren't too fond of it.
Iīve run in 2060 for almost a year now because I havenīt gotten hold of Year of the Comet yet. Itīs definetly time for me to read that book. I think it will work wonders on my campain sence itīs been fairly down to earth up until now. The shit that goes down in 2061 will hit the players in the face like the election of 2057 did. At least I hope so.
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