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Full Version: Arcology Shut Down 2063.
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So I was reading some old shit that dates in 2059-60.

So whats going on in 2063-64?
In 2061, IIRC, the place starts getting retaken by UCAS forces. I believe the place has officially reopened, though there are still floors that are off-limits.

The first three floors are retaken by a combination of Renraku and UCAS forces, with the Renraku forces grabbing things up left right and centre for the lab-boys, IIRC.

I think it's around 2062 that Deus sends out Otaku to start trashing things in retaliation for entering his domain. But that might have just been house history. I tend to mix the two together a lot... spin.gif
The latest updates to the Renraku Arcology situation are in Sprawl Survival Guide (Global Report, p.78) which brings things up to mid-2063. The Arcology is apparently clear (there's some relevant shadowtalk) and Renraku and Metroplex authorities are haggling about what to do with it and who foots the bill. The Arc is still closed off to the public and techs are assessing the damage and infrastructure.
The aI "escaped" by placing bit's of itself in the minds of the people being tortured in the zombie rooms. The idea being they don't know he's "there" and they think they're safe but at preprogramed times certian people log on and their bits of Dues form up.

Unfortunetley for him it wasn't a "good merge" some people are breaking down suffering brain damage menaing those parts are lost. Megara, the original AI blended in with his as he tried to escape, meaning some people got her, some got him ,some got both and the result is added confusion.
Ah yes, the network. That's more than a little scary.

There's also some related material in Jon Szeto's story, Dead Man's Party, on the Shadowrun website. smile.gif
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