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Full Version: Flux Rating and Range
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I have a question:

I have a Deck with the Sat Comm Link Utility at 4. My Sat Comm Interface can't be higher than 4 (using the rules from Matrix). A Flux Rating 4 only gives me 2km range. Does this mean I have to be within 2km of the Satallite?? How Does this work? I assume if I had Cellular or Radio, I'd have to be within 2km of a cell/radio tower, but are there satallite towers?

Thanks in advance.
What is the satellite link medium? Radio, laser, microwave?
Rating for satlinks is really just for for jamming purposes, I think.
A Rodent of Unusual Size
Don't worry about the ranges for Flux ratings unless dealing with a remote control deck or radios... and even then, take them with a grain of salt. The rules for Flux are one of the ones that are really "WTF?" in nature. Just worry about them for purposes of electronic warfare and jamming, and you'll be good to go. Otherwise, assume it works just fine unless it's reasonable to believe that it wouldn't.
So basically, there's no point for range as far as the sat link goes? If I had jamming equipment on my deck, then the 2km would matter?
It also matters if someone is trying to jam YOU.
Why if someone was jamming me? The greater my range, the easier to jam me?

Also (I just though of this), could I assume the 2km means I need to be that close to a Sat Dish?

I'm ready to just ignore it like ROUS says, but I'm running my first SR game Saturday and I wanna be as prepared as I can be.
A Rodent of Unusual Size
Think of Flux as armor against jamming. It's good to have it, though it can be bad sometimes (but only if you're a rigger, really). As a decker, it shouldn't be a concern. Flux 4 is fine for what you're doing.
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