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The above says it all.
Ancient History
There isn't one, really. Madagascar is ungoverned, South Africa is a confederation of four different states (mainly seperated by racial/religious differences), north-west Africa (i.e. Libya, Egypt, etc.) are independant countries, of which Libya is gone and Egypt is undergoing odd Awakened activity, not to mention the Desert Wars. The Sahara has gotten worse, West Africa has broken up into small countries and corporate enclaves. Central Africa is pretty much a mystery, except for the continued mess with the site of the prospective mass driver on Mount Kilimanjaro.
The only proper answer I see is: ask Wordman. He put it on his map but actually there's no mention of such entity in any SR books. It's the equivalent of the old "Terra Incognita" : so to speak, every time a SR book say something about an area in Africa, that area is carved out this Pan-African Federation.
Yeah, Wordman's site is a little inaccurate in places. Just think of the Federation as an alternative to such classics as 'Here Be Monsters', 'Darkest Africa' or 'We Haven't Got a Clue'. Although there have been mentions of rumours of a new country emerging deep in the Congo area so possibly give it some time. wink.gif

Egypt's still there although they annexed Libya and rent it out to the corps as the grounds for Desert Wars. Sudan is still a country although it's still going through its North/South civil war. Kenya has been mentioned in passing a couple of times and the bit about the Corps building a massive fuck off rail-gun on Mount Kilimanjaro mentions the government IIRC. Azania is basically South Africa but with a much weakend central government and the provinces doing mostly what they want.

Algeria doesn't seem to be a country as such but more a range of factions and warlords backed by varying corps, and is also used for the Desert Wars. Asamondo, Baule Empire and the Asante Nation are the only really stable-ish countries along the Gold Coast. There hasn't been any word on what happened to Tunisia or Morocco but I could see Tunisia becoming corp owned since it's a good locations for a base for the Desert Wars. Morocco probably escaped thanks to being to far away and having the central Atlas Mountains in the way.
Kanada Ten
Total speculation: The Pan-African Federation may just be a mini-UN. It could simply be a Peacekeeper organization with troops like Europe's Rapid Response Force. They probably spend their time as corporate lap dogs fighting rebel forces that have captured key resources.
More random musings, I could definately see the French helping keep Djibouti together and a friendly government in residence since the place is just too useful for them. Likewise the British making sure to keep Ascension Island, St. Helena and the Tristan da Cunha group of islands- all of which are situated off the west coast of Africa- since it's always nice to have a local territories/bases about to help keep an eye on things. Which is why I think they'd also hold onto Diego Garcia and the Falklands but that's straying from the topic now. smile.gif
Likewise, the islands of La Réunion, Mayotte and other are full fuledged French territory. If the French still controls it by 2060 I guess it makes sense for the pirates' port Fort Dauphin in Madagascar to be where it is, because south is the only direction you can leave Madagascar without passing near the French waters and navy.
Dont forget the natural resource issue too... Africa is basically untapped now, and may make it the riches source of natural resources in the future.. Not to mention really gnarly critters...

Okay well the Aden section of Dragons references Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria all still surviving as countries and descibes them as 'more liberal Western states'. Makes sense since you wouldn't hold the Desert Wars in a country that's hostile to your way of life/culture. So Algeria rents its lands out to the Desert Wars, Tunisia is a corp country used as a gateway to the Maghreb and rear-area central base for the Wars thanks to its handy location.

Morocco, no information other than that it's still there although having whole troupes of hostile tribes and a Great Dragon sitting in the middle of the Atlas mountain range would probably check any more Western advancement. Besides, Tunisia has its own section of the Atlas mountains to suffice if you want to use that kinmd of terrain.

And since we seem to have also drifted into Western controlled local territory, I'd expect that the UK would keep control of Gibraltar and the bases it has on Cyprus since that allows you to cover both ends of the Med.
SOTA:2063 page 67 refers to Somalia, Ethiopia and Tanzania at least as geographical area, if not as constituted countries, and to a Kenyan government.
Hhmm, although whether places like Somalia would be any different than they are today. If anything Somalia's most likely the template of what a lot of Africa would descend into, like the aforementioned Pan-African Union.

Although I could actually see part of the country hanging on in some order, the Northern part that's announced its secession, the Republic of Somaliland (formerly British Somaliland). Compared to the rest of the country it's a bastion of civilization. That's probably more to do with that the main clans make up most of the population so there's little to no ethnic rivalry and that they seem to have made major efforts to avoid it.

It doesn't give any information on Tanzania except as a term of geographical reference? Shame, I've had some ideas lurking about for Zanzibar for a while.
QUOTE (Nath)
The only proper answer I see is: ask Wordman.

I made it up. Sort of. At the time the Sixth World map was coming together, it was done for a that never materialized that detailed many of the (non-official) countries on the current map. Without the context of this, it makes little sense.

Anyway, as the Sixth World page says about this "country":

The Pan-African Federation is not a nation, or really even a federation of nations, but a region. The political boundaries of this region shift so often that listing them is futile. In fact, even the name "Pan-African Federation" is not official and does not represent any sort of organized group.

Basically, Cyberpirates details the region, saying it is a wild, lawless zone of national borders that shift daily.
that description actually fits fairly well with the overview of the African continent given in SSG. it talks about central africa (basically, from the bottom of the Sahara all the way down to S. Africa) as being one big terra incognita. it's entirely possible that a few of the more prominent collections of tribes/nations got together at some point and declared the entire region to be the Pan-African Federation. that finished, they probably immediately went back to killing each other.
I seem to recall a reference to some sort of 'super gun' in Mogadishu, that was made in the oop London book, but it was basicly fluff, and there was of course no detail on the gun or the city.
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