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Full Version: exotic arrows
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Is there any reason why i couldnt get apds arrows for my ranger x? what about chemical carrying arrows?
Armour piercing discarding saboted ... arrows? Uh, I'm having a bit of trouble imaging that.
what about chem carrying?
How? Are you talking about a arrow head that's a syringe? Possible but it'd have to punch through armor.

lace the tips with chems in their liquid form, similar to blow darts
You're assuming, however, that the posion or whatever will stay on the tip. Usually this means rubbing it on in some sort of jam-like form. This works okay for natural posions, a la dart frogs, but most modern ones don't exactly hang on real well. Also consider if the posion degrades when exposed to air (most animal venoms like bees, snakes, spiders, etc).

fairy snuff, thanks for the info guys
Closest to APDS arrows you can get is ExEx.

Chemical arrows are easy. Hollow shaft with hole near the arrow head to leak in the fun nasty stuff.

If you're having alot of trouble with car/truck/drones , you might have a case for talking your GM into Dikoted ExEx, or even tazer arrows.

I usually have the basics and 2 customs with seperate SI's because very few fletchers can make them. They're expensive and harder to make than standard manufactured arrows.

Long Flight arrows (1.5X to all ranges)
True Flight arrows (-1 tn to medium and beyond)
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