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I just got Shadowbeat, and I love it, one of hte best fluff books out.

In the back of this old book, there's an application for FASA's "Kage" newsletter and group. I know Kage has to be long, long, long dead, but the add did mention a "regular newsletter" that sounds a lot like the Shadowrun Supplemental. Were any of these produced? Are any available anywhere? I'd love to have something like that in my gaming collection. I know it's a long shot, but hey, so was some racing horse that won some big prize at some race. Or something.

I see some for sale on eBay on occassion. So they are out there, its just a matter of timing I suppose.
I think it ran for about 4-5 years, putting out an issue quarterly. I don't have any personally, but I've heard they're not all that great. All the really interesting stuff apparently has already been incorporated into rulebooks. I still want to get them though just for completeness' sake.

The Abstruse One
Here's a review of it, more or less: review.

The Canterbury Tail
They are hard to get. Occassionally I see them on Ebay, but they go for as much as some of the harder to get books.
Not to be a downloading bitch but i have see these books on a PDF format in Kazza"which i don't use any more" And I do own a copy of all my real books and have backed them up with high quality PDF's, so don't give me this copyright winey crap. any ways it's up to you if you want to check them out on the file sharer.
Man, I still love the "A Survival Guide for an Impolite Society" tagline.

From what I've seen, KA*GE is worthwhile only as a novelty or if you like Shadowrun fan-fiction. smile.gif
Thanks of the input guys. You rock.
Yeah, don't spend too much money on them if you find them. Some things are interesting, but others are just stupid or worthless. The fiction is so-so (at least in the three issues I own) and the same goes for the art.

AFAIK Ka•Ge was were both the FlexHands and the Balance Tail first appeared, though.
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