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Full Version: Help craft a flaw/perk.
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Just reading through the boards and I noticed the word cyberpsychosis being used.

Well I think it's a great game mechanic in CP. But I'm unsure on how to put it in words for SR.
Only pickable during character generation, and optionally during surgury later on

as a Mental flaw. (+1 positive surgury option if taken after c-gen)
It's a variable flaw. 2/4/6
level 1 for anyone with 5.9-3.0 essence
Level 2 for 2.9-1.0 essence
level 3 for 0.9-0.01 essence

There's also a corresponding one I guess we'll call it.

It reduces the negative options in a surgury by 1. And also less of a negative social modifier from having too much cyber. You don't 'feel' wrong to other people.

I don't know about this one, but thats why I'm looking for you guys to help flesh it out with mechanics, or RP elements to them.
Heres one that my Current Character has that I made up.

4pt Flaw.
Loyalty: You will be Loyal to a specific group or person
" For Example the Watada Rengo"
Actions with in the group may conflict with a run or just ettiquite with a conflicting group" for example the Shotozumi Gumi"
Well you get the's caused me tons of problems.
A quick and dirty way if approaching it:

Flaw 1: +1 to all Social tests; 2d6 - on a 2, roll below
Flaw 2: +2 to all Social tests; 2d6 - on a 2 or 3, roll below
Flaw 3: +4 to all Social tests; 2d6 - on a 2, 3 or 4, roll below

You could include other "anomalies" like:

1. Staring off into space, contemplating the inner voices
2. Combat Monster
3. Phobia: You must flee or destroy the phobia trigger. Willpower 6 to resist, +2 TNs if successful willpower test is made.
4. Delusion: cannot be harmed by mere mortals
5. Stubborn: Will not change mind unless Willpower 6 test
6. Obsession: You must have (something or someone). Willpower 6 to resist pursuing object of obsession. +1 to all TNs when in presence of obsession.

Now keep in mind, as an optional flaw, most characters would have to be insane to choose this voluntarily - but it does represent cyberpsychosis as described in CP.

And some would argue that it makes mages and Awakened characters "superior" to cyber-junkies.

Awakened characters may not suffer from cyber-psychosis, but they can still suffer from a variety of mental problems related to their magic. They can be unfortunate enough to have a view of magic that impedes their abilities (such as psionics), follow a Totem that is hostile to mankind (bug spirits), or plunge into the dark side of their magical abilities (petro voudoun, blood magic, toxic shamans, twisted way). Some awakened characters can also be fanatical about "their" way of doing magic, especially for the many who mix their magical beliefs with their religion.
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