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Full Version: Spirit of Denver? Is it possible..Spirit of Earth?
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Warmaster Lah
Ok I have some theories I want to throw out there, watch out! Anyway...

As I understand it there are Spirits of Man, that are reflections of the enviroment of man. Namely the urban environment.

So then what is the Spirit of Denver? An actual spirit of that city/area. How does that work?

I was wondering because I came up with a theory…well sort of an idea. I was wondering if it was possible if there was a spirit of the Earth? Is that too crazy? A sort of subconscious entity given birth by some circumstance, a spirit composed from all of the life (or maybe just sentient life) on the earth?

I also had an unrelated theory that is now sort of related to this one. What if the cycles of magic is more akin to a Mage going astral?? Man what am I smoking?

Also do you think that this current age of magic is more potent and out of control than the other ones. Well doesn’t the Astral plane rely on the physical plane (peoples emotions and such) for its definition? Wouldn’t it be effected by say 5 billion people, as opposed to the other ages? There couldn’t have been that many people on earth in Earthdawn. Well there was more forests and such though right. Heh heh

I had some more theories. Maybe later.
There doesn't need to be a spirit of the earth any more then there already is on in SR, you cant travel easily through natural earth because it's alive, and it has an aura, it lights astral space. The earth IS a living thing astrally.

And it's not the number of people that matters, its life, the biosphere. And we may have more people, but we've done a terriffic job of massacring a LOT of other life on the planet. Animals, Fish, Rain Forests, long list.
I do think the manasphere has changed and is more unstable than before. I think it's a reflection of the effect technology has on the planet and us.

I also think that's what makes it fun
"When your powers combine, I am Captain Planet!"
Sadly, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread, too.
I actually thought of "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" smile.gif
And I thought he was Canadian, talking about Earth Elementals nyahnyah.gif~
Herald of Verjigorm
The spirit of Denver is much simpler than that.

It is a massive force spirit guarding a specific location. That specific location has been since known to be the property of a great dragon who's affiliation with spirits was shown in amazing detail as he beat up everyone who tried to fight him.

If you can't at least get a 3 by adding that pair of 2s, you need some help.
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