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Full Version: Advanced Tasers in the 21st Century
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The Question Man
A story at /. about Next generation Stun Guns

or if you want the links from there:,00.html

Check it out

XADS model = Mjolnir Shock Cannon. biggrin.gif

EDIT: Just looked at the picture of it at the XADS site, and...Jesus, that thing is HUGE...eek.gif
Now that is some sweet applied technology! Thinking outside the paradigm by using a UV laser to simply create the plasma conduits, not to harm anyone. That is amazing.
XADS needs a lot more power and miniturization
look at the effective ranges
"man-portable" 9 feet
"car towed" 20 feet
"fixed position" 50 feet

good idea, Cyberpunk 2020 had these all the way back in chromebook 1 or 2.
Still i think it's a bad idea for riots, anything that causes pain or is too agressive just encourages them and psychologically validates their cause. There was this one superliberal protester guy that went to my school and he would always brag about being shot by rubbet bullets, enduring tear gas and whatever.

The Soviets had the right idea about putting political prisoners in mental institutions
Jeff Cooper had the right idea in "Rimfire for Riot Control" (still a bit harsh)

what we need are more things like
1. that cannon that shoots strings of very sticky incapacitating foam that slowly dissolve.
2. another thing in CP2020 what this backpack-sized device that induces nausea and vomitting.
We don't even need the 2060s for #2 there, it already exists. A "backpack-sized device that induces nausea and vomitting" is a 15" television playing an nsync video. No?

I suppose net-gun ammo could be made using stealth cord-- that accomplishes the goal of entanglement and removal via dissolution.
Does anyone else find it a bit offputting that the XADS site has a Lycos contact email?

QUOTE (otomik)
Another thing in CP2020 what this backpack-sized device that induces nausea and vomitting.

The US military is actually already working on this. They're working on making a gas that's so bad smelling it makes you want to vomit. Apparently it, and others like it, are a neat little sidestep around previous treaties that they've signed since they never covered scent related weapons.

QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
Does anyone else find it a bit offputting that the XADS site has a Lycos contact email?

Depends. Maybe they just didn't want to get deluged with e-mails from people that saw an article and thought it was 'kewl'.
Frag-o Delux
Prisons systems her ein the US are startign to use a strobe light, they call it a laser, that they fire intot he face of an unrulely prisoner. The light, green I guess that makes adifference, disorients the prisoner to allow the guards to entire the cell and restrain the prisoner. Supposedly it works at a pretty descent distance, but they are only useing for cell entries with known dangerous prisoners.

Along with the taser shield. It is a riot shield with taser probes sticking out the front of it. The first guard in dives inot he prisoner pushing th etasers in to the guard to take him down. But that has nothing to do with long range disablers.

Edit: The military also has a spray foam cannon. The problem is it takes to long to clean the foam up after wards. Something like 10 man hours per square foot of foam.
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