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Full Version: Who are Nomad Services?
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Neo Mystic
Hi All,

Just setting up to run a shadowrun game in Sydney Australia (has been a work in progress for a while).

T:AL Mentions Nomad Services on pg.31, they even get a spot in the index...

Who are they? And where do I find info on this corp?

Neo Mystic.
Neo Mystic

Misfit Toy
Nomads are a type of astral parasite that possess people and make 'em go psycho. You can find them in Critters.
Herald of Verjigorm
Wrong type of nomad.

I haven't heard of it elsewhere either, but the line implies that one of its significant aspects is emergency response amid the mana storms.
Based on the lack of responses you had gotten, I suspect that most Dumpshockers haven't heard of it elsewhere. Maybe it's planned as something that may be detailed more later.
Could just be a corp name listed for the text without any additional background. Y'know like we GM's ad lib for names sometimes. I can't recall it mentioned seperately in a corp listing, but it might have a few obscure references elsewhere in that sourcebook. Most of the aussie corps are located in that book rather than being covered in places like Corporate Download.

Alternatively, it could be some reference to a corp used by the writer in their own games or another article published elswhere - like certain magazines. Perhaps it was intended to be included but had to be cut from the wordcount during editing?
Misfit Toy
Oh. Heh. biggrin.gif Totally missed the "corp" part and just assumed it was some kind of strange method for summoning Nomads. Hence Nomad services. smile.gif Sorry for adding to the confusion.
Neo Mystic
Thanks for the replies, I did a big look through my SR books and couldn't find anything either - so it looks like I have free reign to detail it out myself.

Thanks again for the feedback,
Neo Mystic
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