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Seeing that new spiderman movie has Given me an awsome idea for a character/Campaign. Im wondering what the stats would be for the robotic arms that Doc Oc has. I was thinking of keeping it in line with the movie and giving the arms their own droid brain. So here are my questions.

Would have their own INI our would they share the reactionof the host?

Would they attack on their own and do seperate rolls or would the host use a skill?

What kind of reach modifiers would you give them?

What kind of stats should they have?

What would be the essence cost? It wouldnt be much because the arms really dont interfere with the host body that much. So im thinking around 1 or less.
Here's my take on Doc Ock's arms. I had to mash rules from R3 and M&M to get it to work, plus I added a few of my own.

[ Spoiler ]
Doctor Octopus was scary when he came out.

Now, I'd be much more afraid of The Porcupine. a cybered Troll whose body is covered with Tracking mounts and Articulate arms, and his Laser Designating Super Chimp, a Menehune mage with a quickened shapechange spell.
Misfit Toy
He'd basically be a normal human Scientist with a custom Robotic Drone (Body 2 since, while the meat was fairly small, the tentacles were exceptionally larger) permanently attached to his back.

I'd probably call it an Anthroform Drone and use the rules thereof to create it. I remember reading somewhere about a Tentacle variation of Mechanical Arms (probably in Target: Wastelands), so you would just use those rules instead of the ones for Mechanical Arms. The Advanced Robotic Pilot programming will account for its somewhat AI nature as well.

As for Essence Loss, I'd consider it the equivalence of a Cyberlimb Torso.
There were tentacles, but they were for underwater use only. They could, however, be extrapolated.

Misfit Toy
Oh. I never really read them in detail. I just assumed they were similar to the ones Deus used with his Medusae drones or whatever.
Yeah, they had a problem needing the bouny (wrong word i know) of water to help them move. So they need to be much stronger and well ankered outside of...
Bouyancy. It's also one of the arguments for making the otherwise infantry-level-powered-armor JIM Suit immobile or largely immobile outside of water. Is worth noting, however, that as a counterargument, it's viable to claim that they'd need to be plenty strong already to perform in their intended task, and that, at worst, they'd see a strength reduction out of water.
You mean buoyancy. Nasty word to spell, I know.

I don't know if I'd use the anthroform chassis, but I would use a Body 2 or 3 drone with 4 mechanical arms. I might actually go large Walker drone, defining the legs and arms as being the same thing. We could get away with a ton of armor for it, since Doc Ock himself is technically carried in an external cargo mount; we'd also need to give him a VCR 3 or equivalent.

The reason I suggest going Body 3 is because then each arm could have up to strength 30 instead of 20-- a huge difference, especially if going for the cinematic effect.
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