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Okay, if you read New Seattle, you'll see that Tarislar has a security rating of A because someone or something is paying Knight-Errant to do additional security.

Well I'm looking at the inhabitants, and I'm doubting they have the work and thus the money to get that kind of protection. A level would make the place look like your typical middle class America Neighborhood. Which it firmly doesn't seem to be depicted as.

So is there some explanation as to what is up with Knight Errant helping out here. Do they ohh the Tir something, is some dragon footing the bill just because he is trying to piss someone else off...

I'm just trying to come up with something.
Come on there has to be someone somewhere out there.

All right I'll just wait for AH, if he can't do it then well there may be a problem.
Tarislar is a depository for out-of-favor TT elves. blood is, however, thicker than water; the occupants have enough pull with TT's money that KE gets paid on time for their services.
I don't see why they can't have enough money to hire extra security. No one ever said these elves were squatters or anything. They have jobs. And by pooling their cash, I see no reason why they can't hire extra patrols.
I'm going to have to agree with mfb.

I think Tarislar is getting Tir money from somewhere to pay the bill for KE's added effort. Whom or what exactly is channeling Tir nuyen into the added security of Tarislar? Well, I believe if you can answer that question on your own, you have yourself an adventure idea. biggrin.gif
Yes, well that was it. I just like to have some starting ideas. I mean you can take one line from some of these things and get an adventure, or perhaps even a series. If everything is done right.

I'm not sure of the Backgammon. I mean sure they have money, they probably have some really crappy job. But wouldn't they be living in the wonderful Elven District of the Downtown area, compared to an area of the Puyallup Barrens that is surrounded by all side by things that keep in extremely isolated. The Salish-Sidhe is to the east and South, the North is Loveland or Hell's Kitchen, and the West is basicly more of the barrens. Ohhh wow what a great place....
ok, again you guys make me feel old. I'll just sit here and watch the liver spots burst m'kay.

In Harlequin it is revealed that particular IE has a strong hold there. Odds are it's him or the Dunkelzahn Institute providing the extra nuyen.gif to KE
New Seattle does indicate that Talisar is oppressively poor. So it's got to be an outside force picking up the tab.
QUOTE (TinkerGnome)
New Seattle does indicate that Talisar is oppressively poor. So it's got to be an outside force picking up the tab.

Ah. Didn't remember reading that. So which IE is it then?
I have to find my Harlequin reading copy, but I believe he was in that neighborhood. At least he was in the Puyallup Barrens, I'm not sure which was produced both. I believe they were in the same year. So now I have to figure which came out first.
Kanada Ten
Personally, I don't want Harlequin paying the bill. Maybe he acted as a muse for someone, but he's far too aloof to simply pay for it. He goes out of his way not to affect the lives of mortals; he believes they must find their own path, not in holding their hands. I'd say he nudged a party in the"right" direction, but of course, I say the party is the Ancients. Since whoever filed the contact with KE could specify what is, and what is not a crime or criminal, the responsible party has the ultimate protection racket. Well, next to Lone Star.
QUOTE (Kanada Ten)
Personally, I don't want Harlequin paying the bill.

[ Spoiler ]
Kanada Ten
Has it been that long that I've forgotten a connection between them and Tarislar? I don't remember anything positive about those bastards, nor their connections to Tarislar, but I could have overlooked it. It does seem more his style to just provide the security and roll his eyes at questions about why. I thought the only mention of the place was in the end...
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There is a YET club that has appeared in one or two different FASA/Fan Pro canon books and it was mentioned to be in the Puyullap. Once again, to the matter of which part of the Barrens it was, well that is an entirely different matter. It is time to re-read my books. Maybe I'll score better on AH's little quiz(I might have to add a few questions, but he'll have an equal chance to answer them.)
YET is too aloof to go into the slums like that.

Harlequin has been there for years and since Dunkelzahn's will seems to have taken up the role of the champion of humanity that the "Big D" had held.
Damn. I was into Shadowrun way back but I was a clueless little kid, so all my books from back then are crap like "Paranormal Animals of Europe" and things like that. Time to go shopping for used copies, because the Harlequin books seem downright essential when you read some of the threads here.
ONLY is you're into a campaign with immortal elves who meddle in the world.

Actually Harlequin is a duel/grudge match between Harlequin and another IE. Harelquin's Back is an astral quest to save the world. If you don't want IE's and am happy with corp runs, you don't need the stuff.
Skeptical Clown
"Harlequin's Back" is a great piece of adventure-writing. But it's totally disposable, and has almost no practical impact on the Shadowrun universe. It doesn't provide any information that is really useful to running a campaign.

"Harlequin," on the other hand, is probably one of the more informative adventures, simply because it's so expansive. And for a long time it was one of the few books with any information at all on Amazonia. That information is very scant, but it's something.
As previously mentioned, perhaps the best thing about Harlequin's Back is that it's completely world-shaking, but succeed or fail it has absolutely no effect for the immediate future.

Even better to let people ponder if it really happened…

In any case Ive ordered Harlequin together with Year— and Wake of the Comet on so my game will have a bit more epic events in the future. Not a moment too soon either.
IMHO Harlequin was one of the best adventures. The whole concept is very appealing and eye-opening. Not as shocking as the Universal Brotherhood, but it covers a lot of ground and different locations. The ritual is a very nice idea and one that is easily transposed to Earthdawn.

As for YotC, well Aesir, I'd say that sourcebook is vital if you're intending on running a campaign post 2061. There are just too many major global things that happen - and the aftershocks of those events have affected the plots for the sourcebooks to follow.
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