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Full Version: Centering and Ambidexiterty
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So we have this guy with ambidex 8, hes just got centering for his pistols and wondering how he does centering with them. I would have thought centering would work with the first (2) shots then not on the 2nd (2) shots. Anyone like to carify how centering works with an ambidex char pls.

Thx in advance
Uh, the centering test is seperate and can add successes or cancel out penalties. You have to have a centering skill and a background knowledge skill for it. Look at the rules for centering in MitS; the dice aren't rolled together.

Hmmm. I really don't know how that will work. I'd go with distributing the success as he sees fit or a new centering test per shot. For speed, I like 1 test, distribute success as you see fit but that does tend to make it really useless. Probably 1 test per shot.


Well that means that I would only be able to centre for the first shot right?
As centering is a free action and you only get one of those per combat phase.
My feeling is that the centreing roll would take effect for both first shots as they are effectively happening at the same time. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
i'd split the successes as desired between one set of shots--centering applies to a single action, and that includes the single action necessary to fire both weapons.
So your view is roll centering and split the successes between the shots in first simple action?
I.E if I had a centering skill of 5 and achieved 4 successes I could reduce the modifiers of both first shots by 1?
By the rules he can center for one single shot. You can center for one test, and it uses your free action, with each shot being a separate test. That means one centering.
What if they continue centering throughout the action? Like controlled breathing, or humming? It's kind of like running or walking during shooting. The penalties don't apply to just the first shot, why should the bonus from centering?

There is also a precedent for one centering test applying to more than one outcome. When centering to reduce drain while summoning a great form spirit, there is only one centering roll. The outcome is applied to both drain resistance tests, which may even have different drain TNs.
Misfit Toy
That's because it does. The effects of Centering lasts throughout a phase, not just one action in that phase. The text even specifically mentions tests. Note the plural use of the word. The only limitation is that it only applies to one specific effect in that phase, so either extra successes or (more likely) lower penalties.
so, center once, apply successes to all tests? damn, i thought my adept was badass already. wait until i start throwing 6 extra dice (well, 12, but 2:1 success ratio) on every sucker i catch in my suppressive fire.
Misfit Toy
Actually you probably have to split the extra successes (and possibly penalty reductions) out amongst all the tests. You don't get to make a seperate test for each test you make... just one Centering Test that functions throughout the phase.
I just looked it up, there's no mention of anything about multiple tests at all, it's therefore ultimately up to the GM.
Misfit Toy
MitS, p. 73, Using Centering: "The Centering Skill is used for any Centering Tests required. Centering requires a Free Action. The character gains only one of the benefits of centering during any phase. The centering Free Action must be taken in the same phase as the operation the centering is intended to augment. Make a Centering Test before making any other tests to perform magic."
Your first highlighted point there points that in any one phase you can only gain one of the multiple benefits of centering. This is so someone doesn't try to gain more than one of the benefots of centering. The second highlighted phrase tells us that you must make the centering test before any of the other tests that phase, such as the spellcasting test, the drain test ect. There are multiple different spellcasting tests in a phase, at least 2 during normal spellcasting. Neither of those highlighted lines say if the centering applies to all the tests made in a phase, just that the centering has to come first. There's no mention there of centering applying to multiple actions unless I'm just missing somehtign important.
The rules for centering were not written with an eye for detail. For example, "The centering Free Action must be taken in the same phase as the operation the centering is intended to augment" is blatantly contradicted by the example on the following page, where an adept uses centering and then aims for several actions, which will cause him to enter a new phase before taking his shot.

I think that the finer points of centering ought to be left to the GM.
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