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Stab my eyes!

I finally convince my GM (who's very 'by-the-book') to let me play the published Tir Noble (or Tir Noble Outcast-I can't remember which it was), that I saw in one of the FASA promos a good, long while back. Now, I can't seem to find the Archetype anywhere (I'm also missing a few of my SR books, which is EXTREMELY frustrating).

Anyway, does anyone know where I can find the stats? I asked this question before, and got some great help-I think someone even posted a link that had a version (hey, that'd do just fine, too), but I lost the link (I do NOT normally lose things-too many moves in too short a time period-half my library's spread across three states at this point).

Any help?



Uhh.. I've never seen such a thing. Why not just make one?
I've skimmed the Tir Tangire sourcebook and they didn't list one.

I don't recall seeing an Ex-Tir archetype either. Was it an NPC, perhaps? Or something from Battletech?

Nah, I had a tabloid-ish promo ad from FASA about a new release (back in the day), and they had two archetypes in B&W, one of which was the Tir Noble. I'm pretty certain that he was a PhysAd.

I'd thought it'd be in one of the Tir books, but I've been through both, no joy. I seem to recall owning the book that was later published that included the Archetype, but as I've stated, I've lost a bunch of stuff recently.

The GM like us to play Archetypes, then shift the skills as needed-claims it maintains game balance. So, I can't really make one up on my own. I may have to go with the Ghost Hunter from Awakenings, but I'd really like to find that one.

Thanks for the thoughts, though.

Ya know, it sounds vaguely familiar - but if its what I'm thinking of, that was a 1st edition flyer.

Ancient History
Outcast Tir Noble. This has made the rounds a few times on the 'Shock, as I recall.
QUOTE (rlemansky)
<snip>The GM like us to play Archetypes, then shift the skills as needed-claims it maintains game balance.

Dude, that sucks! Customization is one of the best things that SR offers...and IMHO the off the rack archetypes are kinda, well, flat.

Do you at least get to scrap the gear they start with and buy your own? That would solve some of the problems.

In fact, the more I think aobut it, your GM's approach to CharGen is no more "balancing" then just using the Priority System found in the BBB. It just limits you as a player.

Sorry to rant, I'm sure your GM is a fine fellow and all, I just think its unfair to you and the rest of the players.
QUOTE (Ancient History)
Outcast Tir Noble. This has made the rounds a few times on the 'Shock, as I recall.

It's not the same critter from the flier, so I don't know if the GM will accept it.

But, on the bright side, we found something resembling what you were looking for. grinbig.gif

Black Isis
I do remember that -- if I recall right, it was during 2nd edition, and was the catalog for the year Tir Tarngire sourcebook (man, I swear that is the wrong spelling) came out (which was why the archetype was in there). That had to be a while ago -- 1995-1996 if I had to guess. That's probably not going to be easy to find. smile.gif
Actually...I have it. was literally a two page glossy handout promo FASA did and I had handed out to me at my gaming store right around the time that I bought Universal Brotherhood (dating myself here) or so...maybe right before TT.

It had some advertisements for the upcoming LA Sourcebook and all these other books that never made it. I also think it had another Tir archetype.

I THINK it is in my Denver sourcebook box. I will check as soon as possible (although taking four seconds to look for something should not be a total killer...dont want to sound like a little princess over here biggrin.gif !!!). If I find it easily, the stats are yours (is it legal to scan something like that?). If it is not in the box, I know I never threw it out, it is just a matter of finding out where I put it so "I would never lose it!!" wink.gif

Hope that helps!
Ancient History-Thanks, if Cha-Cha doesn't come through, I'll try to slip that by him.

Cha-Cha-You're the greatest. Hope you find it, thanks for the effort.

Black Isis-Thanks for proving that I'm not hallucinating-just old, I guess.

Kevyn668-Yeah (although the Point System's not THAT bad, IMHO), it does suck a bit, but it's the only way that I get to experience SR as a player, and it does help some of the folks who aren't that up on the whole SR gameworld-quite a few D&D transplants in the group, so the Archetypes are suitable substitutes for Classes, I guess.

Thanks, all.

Again, sorry about the earlier rant.

So, I've been thinking about your problem and I have an idea. It only helps if you're not dead set on playing a Phys Ad but its all I got. You can convert any of the Troll archetypes in the BBB to Elf. Presto. It works even better if you can shuffle around points in each area (trade a point of Body for Willpower, juggle the skill points around, etc).

I did some test runs tonight and I had a ball with it. The Sprawl Ganger works the best but the Combat Mage is managble. Haven't done the Merc yet but its a slow night so I'll probably get to that too.

Let me know what you think.
HEY! Found it... wink.gif

It is dated 1993 and has the following:

Voices From the Past by Tom Dowd

Shadowrun Products for 1993 (blurbs):
A Killing Glare
Striper: Assassin
Corporate Shadowfiles
Tir Tairngire
Germany Sourcebook
Tir Na Nog

On the Horizon (blurbs):
Corporate Security Guidebook
Ares Security Catalog 2054
Harlequin's Back
Running Short

And the Tir Noble and the Peace Force Border Guard

Tir Noble:
"Certainly, I and others of my rank enjoy privileges denied the common elf. But with these privileges comes a responsibility - the onerous burden of maintaining the respect of the rest of the world for the Tir. Others see the large estates, the luxuries; they don't see this other side of the coin.

"I do not sit on the Council of Princes, but one day I WILL - or perhaps my son will. Eventually the Council will recognize the value of our bloodline and give us the acknowledgment we deserve - its only a matter of time."

Rank has its privileges.

Blood will tell, I always say.

And you say Duke Montague was speaking with the High Prince himself? Face to face? That is very interesting. I'll have to think on that...

Though he would vociferously disagree, this "noble" is not a major player in Tir society. He clings jealously to the privileges he has and harbors a bitter envy of those who enjoy greater wealth or status. He makes a great show of his studies of Sperethiel and elven traditions and flaunts his knowledge whenever an opportunity arises - much to the amusement of the Tir's real mover and shakers.

B 3
Q 3
S 3
C 3
I 3
W 2
E 6
R 3

Initiative 3 +1D6

Professional/Threat Rating 2/2


Armed Combat 1
Etiquette (Corporate) 2
Etiquette (Tir) 3
Firearms 2
Sperethiel 1
Unarmed Combat 1

I really hope that helps! I am too lazy to type out the border guard..but if you folks want it..i will type it out tomorrow! biggrin.gif Just let me know...sorry for the length here...but it sounds like we have unearthed a little gem from SR past!
Misfit Toy
That's a contact, not a character archetype.
Kanada Ten
You'd hope so.
Yeah...I saw that it was a contact when I typed it out, but I figured I would just put out what was in the flier, verbatim, and let rlemansky finally have that annoying nagging feeling go away smile.gif . Hey, if nothing else, everyone has a new contact to throw into the database!

Like I said, I hope it helps...and I could totally be off base here, but that is what you were talking about, right? Striper:Assassin on the turned out to be like a 6-8 page glossy...but I am pretty sure we are talking about the same thing.
Herald of Verjigorm
Assuming that's an adept with 1 mil yet to spend, it's a 100 BP archetype.
My grandmother has better stats than that.
Misfit Toy
The Professional/Threat Rating is sort of a dead give-away that it's not a character archetype, people. smile.gif
My mind may be playing tricks on me, but I wanna say I saw the Tir Noble Adept in Contacts... I think it was the little book that came with the 2nd Ed GM screen.

Or I could be hallucinating again.
Thanks, Cha-Cha. You are the greatest (again).

I'd not remembered it being a Contact, but it should still pass muster for the GM.

I'll assume Herald's right and that it works out to about 100 BP-not too shabby for a starting character, and with the character background that I have worked out, should be just about right.

I'm guessing the Tir Border Guard was the PhysAd, then huh?

(Yes, I'd love to see that one posted, too).

1993, eh? Man, I'm getting old.

Thanks again,

You are very welcome. worries...just returning to the karma bank from all the folks that have helped me out here. Happy to finally be able to help someone in need, rather than being the question mooch that I am becoming around here smile.gif!!!

You know, to be honest, I had to prep a lecture for a class I taught this morning, so I did not look at the Border Guard's stats. I got nothing shaking tonight, so when I get home, I will type that one out for you as well.

1993...don't remind me. Ugh. I remember reading about a game called Shadowrun "coming soon." As well as trying to figure out why "bad guys" like trolls and orks (misspelling and all biggrin.gif ) were allowed as PC races. Oh, the days of naive D&D dungeon crawls..heh heh.

Sorry I don't have the sheet with me...but give me a couple hours and check back later on tonight!
Hey promised...the Peace Force Border Guard:

"We're the first line of defense. If we wern't on the job, goro and wine would overrun the Tir before you knew it, contaminating our nation with their barbaric ways. You'd think the number of people trying to slip the border woudl decrease with time, that the smart ones would realize its suicidal and the dumb ones would eventually get themselves flatlined. But no - for every drekhead who dies trying to cross the wire, another always takes his place."


Welcome to Tir Tairngire, drekbrain. Now get 'em up where I can see 'em!

Lucky it was us who found you, makkaherinit-ha. The Hunt's out tonight.

Squad Six, check the fence in Sector 1250, we got a proximity indication. Could be a faulty sensor, but test to make sure.

The game's afoot. Squad, mount up!


Like his colleagues in the constabulary, the Peace Force border guard believes in what he is doing. He acts with ruthless efficiency, unhampered by doubts.

B 6
Q 7
S 5
C 3
I 3
W 5
M 6*
E 6
R 5

Initiaitve 6 +2D6

Professional/Threat Rating: 3/3


Armed Combat 4
Etiquette (Corporate) 1
Etiquette (Street) 3
Etiquette (Tir) 3
Firearms 6
Gunnery 4
Leadership 3
Sperethiel 1
Stealth 5
Unarmed Combat 5

*Physical Adept Abilities

Astral Perception
Improved Ability (Firearms) 2
Improved Ability (Unarmed Combat) 4
Increased Reflexes 1 (+1D6 Initiative)

And there you have it...and if someone's grandmother is tougher than THIS dude, keep my cheeks away from her pinching at Thanksgiving! wink.gif
What a kick! Thanks for the help-and the nostalgic trip. Good show!

And there you have it...and if someone's grandmother is tougher than THIS dude, keep my cheeks away from her pinching at Thanksgiving! 

pleasure is mine..happy to help! smile.gif
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