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Full Version: [ShadowsOfEurope] Pre-Order's Up
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Ancient History
Fast Forward has pre-orders for SoE up in their Fanpro section. Get 'em while they're hot!
What have people's experiences been with FastForward? I seem to remember a couple people a while back saying something about it but can't find the comments now. But up to a fortnight for delivery? My local shop will probably have had their delivery in by then. :/
Leisure Games in London should have it in by the end of next week according to a friend who visited them. That probably means Brit distributors will have it in other stores too thereabouts too.
Ancient History
I ordered yesterday, the UPS-tracking tells me that it should arrive at my door on the 9th. Bonzer!
Jason Farlander
Criznap! I thought they said it wouldn't be available until the 12th!

...must... get... SR book fix...
Hmmm. Wonder what the word is over at F-Shop. Ordered it last week from there.

Leisure games next week, excellent. I order all my RPG books from them.
Fast Forward worked great for me when I ordered a ton of their "we gotta sell 'em now, cause these adventures have been sitting around since first ed!" sale, which is still going on biggrin.gif They sent mine with a confirm-only UPS, so, since no one was home the first time I was there, I had to wait a few days for the UPS guy to come back ohplease.gif . Other than that, it was just fine.
Leisure Games works quite nice here in Spain, so I'd say it must work quite nice for all Europe.
I've ordered from Leisure, but given I'm in Germany, I'll stick with F-Shop. They did good by me when I ordered Rigger3 and Matrix together.

Ancient History
Blessings be, for the Book has arrived, and It Is Good. Ja!
otaku mike
It will be "review time" soon then smile.gif
Thank you for volunteering AH wink.gif
Sepherim starts to shiver.... biggrin.gif
Leisure games charged my card on friday so the books should arrive today or tomorrow ...
Blue eyes
For gamers in Denmark - Fantask has had it in store for a week now go get it...
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