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Full Version: Q about SURGE at Character Creation
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OK, so I got Year of the Comet, and I've just read through the SURGE section. I understand how it works and everything, I'm just not sure how you apply it when making a character. Specifically if you opt to spend 5 build points to be affected by it. So here's the question;

If you spend build points to have a character affected by SURGE, how do you determine the severity of the effects?

Normally this is dictated by the number of successes on the SURGE test, but, having paid points to be affected by it, the test wasn't needed. How then do you find what the modifers on the amount of points that go into Positive/Negative effects are? Do you roll and re-roll the test until you succeed, then use however many successes you got then? Or am I completely overlooking something here?
P. 138 in YotC says that characters can either make a normal test just like everyone else, and be bound by the results (and not have to pay 5 build points for it) or they can just take SURGE effects like edges and flaws, but then they need to pay the five build points.
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Some psychotic players will pay the 5 bp and demand that the GM roll the tables with an extra (often first) success on the SURGE severity test.
Ok then, thanks for clearing that up. My GM has disallowed YotC, so it doesn't matter anymore, but it's good to know.
Sorry to hear about your GMs decision - there are alot of interesting possibilities in using YotC.

I've decded to run it like this: *You pay the 5BPs, and then roll as normal for a SURGE test, but add 1 success. This doesn't increase your maximum possible successes, however, so if you happen to roll all successes on the SURGE test, you won't get the 'extra' success. Then roll on the tables, modifying the results slightly to make a bit of sense when necessary.
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