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Full Version: Mac OS X Firearm Designer Beta Version
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I posted this in the Community Projects thread, but I thought I'd throw another on in here as well for those who don't pop into that thread

I've got a Beta Version of my Mac OS X SR3 Firearm Designer up and on my website at:
ShadowGhost's Web Mac OS X Shadowrun Software

Nothing to install, just unstuff and use.

If you don't have the Canon Companion, you won't know what a lot of options are for.

Guns you create can be saved, opened, modified and resaved.

Let me know of any errors, bugs, or mistakes (i.e. errata, wrong amounts for FCU and DP etc).

And let me know what you think, either via PM, or email (on the website).

Otaku On Acid
Dude, when are you going to finish the gm pocket secretary. I want that things so much.
Yeah, some sort of beta on that pocket secretary would be cool to play around with. Even if it's not feature complete yet...
Still working on it. Actually, taking the Gun Designer to Beta really helped - some code is the same for each (Saving, Opening, Save As), and that was a real bugger to get straightened out. The export/import characters had a bug in it I had to track down - kept changing everyone to human, so other metatypes were losing important abilities towards visibility modifiers (low light, thermo etc.)

I've made changes to the layout and some settings, to speed things up. I may release a limited Beta in a week or two (depends on how much free time I have to make changes and turn off unfinished features.)
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