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Full Version: Swat Skill Mechanics
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So my players where asking how their PC's could make us of swat-like tactics without really having any real-life knowledge. We decided that Small Unit Tactics (SUT) wasn't quite what they where looking for so our idea was to draft a new Active Skill called Swat Tactics (ST).

The problem is we are trying to figure out how to make it useful and not over-balancing.

The idea would be similar to SUT where the PC would study the area in question and then provide some sort of either Offensive or Defensive bonus for the following Combat Turn.

My initial thoughts were that maybe this should be used as a Complimentary Skill to SUT, so that for every 2 success generated using ST the PC-team would garner the bonuses but would require a steep Karma investment like Centering does.

The players suggested three different types of tactics that could be used:
1) Offensive (ambush or set-up providing TN bonuses, etc.)
2) Defensive (use cover more effectively provide TN penalties for enemies, etc.)
3) Movement (gave an extra Move Point or similar for the Combat Turn, etc.)

Currently we have no rules pending, but I am leaning towards using the Complimentary Skill approach so they'd need SUT and ST to make it work.

Anyone else use something like this? Any thoughts or ideas would are welcome.
Why don't you just use SUT? They look the same.
Kanada Ten
You could make it a knowledge skill and treat it like the "Common Sense" edge where you give them a higher level of information about "expected" enemy tactics and behavior based on the number of successes.
I made a suggestion on the SUT thread that would be applicable here.

Small Unit Tactics (SWAT)

Apply a one-time roll given the opportunity to study the available information. The less information, the higher the target number.

This would represent the "briefing" and job assignments handed to each member.

Crimsondude 2.0
Use SUT generally or like Siege mentions.

Then allow a complimentary skill of SWAT Tactics or Police Procedures or something similar.
SWAT hand signals

Fygg Nuuton
QUOTE (Siege)
SWAT hand signals


Looks like we have come to a consensus about how to implement the SWAT skill for our players:

Functions similar to Small-Unit Tactics (SUT) will a few exceptions:

Used during Combat:
+ It is a complimentary-skill to SUT so SWAT can not be higher rating than SUT.
+ Every 2 success will raise available Combat Pool 1-die.

Used prior to Combat:
(Pre-planning using SWAT we haven't come to a solid conclusion, but here's our framework)
+ TN for this test will be based on the size of desired area (square-meters?).
+ Planning with maps, drawings, displays, video will help reduce TN.
+ Increments of time (probably Recon hours) will helps reduce the TN.
+ Once the plan is formed, the PC makes a SWAT (TN) test similar to SUT.
+ Once Players move on the area, each will make an INT test vs. the SWAT TN (modified by communication with the SWAT player) to see how well they can follow the plan and gain the Combat Pool bonus (made each Combat Turn or minute?).

Thanks again for the feedback and input.
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