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Just curious if there are any rules concerning the buying of used Vehicles and their related costs. I have some people making characters who are trying to save nuyen by wishing to purchase nicer vehicle types, previously owned.

I'm tempted to just make up some rules myself, it wouldn't be toooo terribly hard. Just curious if there are any out there currently.
Necro Tech
Yes, without my books I can't say the page but they are 50% off and come with stress points already. Keep looking for them or someone else will chime in soon.
In our campaign, we allow seriously used vehicles to be purchased from a fixer at half of the regular street price. For all vehicles the Fixer sells, he arranges for them to be "licensed" to some tiny corporation somewhere (Bahamas, etc.) and arranges for payment of annual licensing fees to come from that country, unless the character wants to license it to their fake SIN. This licensing is just enough to keep the vehicle from getting stopped by Lonestar for licensing issues, but if the vehicle is seen fleeing a scene then the licensing no longer helps.
Glance through R3 again. There are things called Quality Factors and one of them works for used vehicles (60% reduction in cost). It's in one of the rules sections.
I found it in Rigger 3.

Not exactly a rule I'm happy with. I'm just going to house rule it personally. Something more akin to what I know happens with todays vehicle market.

Just going to do depreciation per year of the vehicle and base stress points on age of vehicle rather then a straight roll. Will have to work out something I'm happy with.
Depending on how much you actually use stress rolls for vehicles, I'd vary the cost quite a bit from what R3 gives. If you never see them come into play, it's simply not worth a 60% reduction in cost wink.gif

As for today's car market... 60% is fairly accurate for American-made cars. After 5 years, you're lucky to get 40% of the original cost on most of them (depends on type). Japanese cars are a different story, though.
Fu-Man Chu
I house rule it myself - with each 10% off giving the vehicle a certain number of Stress Points. If you don't use SP, then just increase maintainence costs or have things just not run as well (economy is lower, chance of the autonav not working, etc).
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