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I've been working on this for a while and I finally got something definitive written down and I thought y'all might find it interesting. I think I have balanced it pretty well and left some interesting plot possibilities open. Any addvice or suggestions would be appreciated.

Gun-fu traces it's history to the introduction of firearms as a means of combat. At it's core is the ability of a warrior to use a weapon as an extention of his body. From the musket wielding monk to the cyber-zombie with LMGs built into his arms, the Gun-fu student's ultimate goal is to achieve the same relationship with his firearms that a samuria master seeks to achieve with his sword. Before the awakening Gun-fu was practiced in some form where ever gun fights were common, from the cowboy who lived only for the duel to the vietnamese soldier with a mortar tied to each leg. At the time of the awakening a small sect of warrior-monks in China began to develope the physical adept magics common in the sixth world. At some point these monks decided to test their skills in the most serious fashion, they became mercanaries. Each of them chose a separate path and agreed to meet back at a certain time to share what they had learned. When this time came only one member had survived. Down to a man each adept had been killed by one force: guns. This remaining adept decided that if such a thing had so much power it was only appropriate that he master it completely. Aside from his ascetetic training he devoted himself to find a worthy master to teach him the way of the gun. After years of searching he finally found one, a mysterious man living a solitary life in the mountains of Japan. The adept spent many years learning all this master could teach him and then returned to China and opened what would be the first gun-fu dojo, the Wu school. Always seeking to test their skills the school made a point of seeking out other warriors who walk the same path and engaging them in non-lethal duels. These duels would eventually lead to an annual tournament among many of the practioners of gun-fu, especially those of the Wu schools. After this first masters death, the students of gun-fu began to form their own schools to carry on the tradition and as with all martial arts, new styles were developed. A handful of basic tenets were held as central to gun-fu and for the most part remain that way now. First is secrecy, students are recruited by the master and only in the rarest incedences is anyone allowed to 'apply' for membership. No one accepted into the gun-fu schools is allowed to reveal their existence to the outside world and the locations of their dojos are kept secret even from other schools of the same stlye. Of course, no level of secrecy can keep knowledge of their existence from those who look hard enough but the tendency of schools to never have more than five to ten members means they are never enough of a threat to the established powers that be to merit their eradication. Secondly, all of the schools retain some amount of the asctetic zen tradition and the penchance for ritual in their normal function. Lastly, while each school encourages its students to test themselves to their physical, mental, and spiritual limits, it forbids them from joining any other organization or group. As gun-fu has grown it has encountered those practicing gun-fu or gun-fu like skills outside of their established order. Perhaps out of rivalry or vanity the schools of gun-fu normally do not rest until these people are assimilated or killed. Over the course of time some of these outside forces have banded together to form what is known as the shadow schools, schools that are outside of the tradition gun-fu styles but still somewhat recognized due to their extrodanairy skill. The shadow schools are not as organized as the traditional schools and tend to operate on what is the fringe of acceptable behavior to the traditional gun-fu schools. All out war between schools is not unknown but normally conflict is limited to skirmishes and duels.

Wu Stlye:

The Wu way is the oldest path of gun-fu that is recognized. The main focus of the Wu school is the effective combination of pistols and athletics. The basic skills praticed by it's students involve accuaracy while running, jumping, sliding, or any number of evasive actions. A common tactic of Wu students is to run full speed at an enemies position while firing, jumping over their postion and landing behind their cover. Wu schools normally have an almost fanatical dedication to the yearly tournaments and many masters have star pupils that they lean heavily upon to become the next champion.

common weapons: any pistol or two pistols

common adept powers:Improved Athletics, Improved Quickness, Combat Sense, Freefall, Great Leap, Improved Reflexes

Initiate Powers:
Level 1: fire while walking without penalty, reduce other movement penalties by one
Level 2: fire while running without penalty, reduce other movement penalties by two
Level 3: fire while performing acrobatics without penalty

Cowboy Stlye

The cowboy schools see themselves as carring on a legacy. Their system of honorable gunfights and distinctive stlye are a tradition that rests deeply in their hearts. Most students of this stlye are fanatically dedicated to it and even more so to their own school. They rarely have a high level off interaction with other schools but many compete in the tournaments, as that it fits in well with their ideals. Most of them dress in a predictable way and others are more low key, seeing their path more in the weapons they choose than the way they dress. A favorite tactic of the cowboy student is to call out the strongest opponent into a duel and after fraging him giving his henchmen the oppertunity to lose more gracefully.

common weapons: revolvers, lever-action rifles, double-barrel shotguns

common adept powers: Quick Draw. Rapid Healing

Initiate Powers
Level 1: fire revolvers at SA rate
Level 2: reload weapon with one simple action regardless of reload type
Level 3: fire revolvers at BF rate

Ancient Style

Students of the ancient style seek to master the gun in it's most basic form, as half firearm and half club. they are just as comfortable in melee as they are at range. These schools also stress an increased awareness of one's surroundings and individual duels are more uncommon than in most other stlyes. Still, the surprising performance of some of its practioners in gun-fu tournaments has yielded them respect in the eyes of other schools

common weapons: musket, blunderbuss, bayonet

common adept powers:Enhanced Perception, Improved Armed Combat, Quick Strike, Combat Sense

Intiate Powers
Level 1: reload weapon with one complex action
Level 2: load weapons with anything solid, standard damage
Level 3: reload weapon while attacking in melee or CA

Cyber Stlye
Only recently accepted as a traditional gun-fu school, cyber style is still viewed with great distrust by other schools. While most schools shun smart-link technology as a cruch, the cyber student learns to view it as a part of his connection between his mind and his weapon using its benefits to perform feats that could amaze his purist detractors. In the same vein cyber students are very fond of implanted weaponary, seeing it as a great way to become one with your gun.

common weapons: built-in weapons, anything smart-linked

common adept powers: Magic Resistance, Pain Tolerance

Initiate Powers
Level 1: Up to 2 essence of cyberware can be installed without reducing magic rating
Level 2: Up to 3 essence of cyberware can be installed without reducing magic rating
Level 3: Up to 4 essence of cyberware can be installed without reducing magic rating

Dragoon Style
The Dragoon schools derive their stlye from the ancient horsemen and calvaries of the past while at the same time embracing modern technology. Some schools resemble modern go-gangs while others focus more on vehicel mounted weapons. Whether firing machineguns from the roll-bar of a jeep or pistols from their motorcycles, students of this school learn to tune in more to rapid-paced battle. Many schools dojo are travelling caravans and many of those pratice a complex system of arms smuggling, leading many schools to possess cutting-edge weapons (no availability restriction for characters of this school when purchasing firearms). While this style normally restricts its students to a type of combat that is unsimmiliar to dueling, some have competed in the tournaments and many find the general ruleless nature of the shadow tournaments more appealing to their stlye.

common weapons: mounted weapons, pistol+bike, LMGs

common adept powers: Improved Reflexes

Initiate Powers
Level 1: fire unmounted weapons from vehicles without penalty
Level 2: reduce any motion penalties for atacker or target by up to 2 points
Level 3: reduce all motion penalties to 0

Special Forces Style

common weapons: SMGs, Assault Rifles

common adept powers: Improved Combat Skills, Improved Senses, Combat Sense, Improved Reflexes

Initiate Powers:
Level 1: Increase reaction by firearms skill in combat
Level 2: Up to 2 essence of cyberware can be installed without reducing magic rating
Level 3: none

Gunsmith Style

common weapons: anything custom

common adept powers: Improved Senses, Weapon Empathy, Sixth Sense

Initiate Powers:
Level 1: Firearms can be customized with the right tools for the charater in one hour or for anyone with whom the character is familiar in half normal time
Level 2: Fireams can be customized in 15 minutes for the character or one hour for someone else, weapons customized or built by the charactor will never jam
Level 3: Any gun the character picks up is considered to be customized to him, the gunsmith may customize a gun multiple times, each customization beyond the first takes the normal amount of time to complete and adds +2 to the difficulty, any failed result means the weapon cannot be further customized.

The Shadow Schools

The Shadow Schools are not schools at all but rather loose collectives or travelling masters. Sometimes these schools will inteact with traditional schools in a meaningfull way and sometimes they will just be a thorn in their side. On occassion a shadow school member may even participate in a gun-fu tournament. More often the shadow schools will hold their own tournaments where non-lethal ammo and other traditional rules are not enforced. Many a Gun-fu champion has lost his life trying to prove he is better than any misfit outsider at their own game. While there are certain recognized styles of the shadow schools, in reality each school is as distinctive as its members. The one disadvantage the shadows schools suffer is their lack of initiate powers. These powers have been developed over generations for each gun-fu school and the shadow schools rarely last that long and even when they do they don't dedicate themselves to such long term group investments.

Hitman/Ninja Stlye

common weapons: Narcojet, needler, anything silenced

common adept powers: traceless walk, improved stealth

Sniper Stlye

common weapons: sniper rifles

common adept powers: true sight, improved sight, bullseye

Heavy Weapons/Explosives Stlye

common weapons: cannons, rockets, missles, grenades

common adept powers: mystic armor, improved body

Magic/ Weapon Foci Style

common weapons: firearm foci, caster rounds

common adept powers: path of the magician

Gun-Fu Adept Powers

Bullet Armor: Cost 0.75 per level
Each level counts as one point of ballistic armor, cumulative with any worn armor.

Bullet Control: Cost: Damage M 1
Damage S 3
Damage D 5
When using firearms the damage level can be replaced by the level of bullet control or lower. The use of bullet control must be declared before firing. These shots do not affect astral beings.

Bullseye : Cost: Level 1 0.5
Level 2 1
Level 3 2
Level 4 4
Each level reduces the penalty for called shots by one. Additionally the character may call shots on parts of targets normally to small to be picked out specifically, such as eyes or armor joints, at additional +2 penalty.

Dodge Bullet Intuition: Cost: 1 per level
Each level applies a +1 penalty to hit the character with firearms as long as the character is aware of the attack and able to move freely.

Weapon Empathy: Cost: 0.5
Weapon Empathy allows the character to reduce the time for B/R by 50%. Weapon jams can be cleared in one simple action on an intelligence(4) test. The character will also instinctively know how many rounds are loaded in a weapon. Additionally, the character only suffers a +1 penalty when defaulting on firearms skills.
Have you been watching Equilibrium?

Seriously though, that's . . . . powerful. In particular, the cyber style screams overpowered at me.

All in all, it's a lot of really cool adept powers. A little balance tweaking aside, it's a really neat idea.

The initiate powers are gained in lieu of metamagic's right? 'Cause otherwise that, too, will be overpowered in my opinion.
My preferences:

Ditch the styles and make them regular adept powers. Most of them fit pretty well. I'd definitely ditch the free cyberware stuff and replace it with style-specific geasa that adepts can choose to take (the cyberware style might, for instance, allow the user to take a geasa which links powers to the use of a smartlink system) which might be less limiting than normal.

Also, I'd break down some of your adept powers farther than they currently are. If a power does two things, it should generally be two powers.
The Grifter
Sounds cool to me, man. I made one up, based largely on alot of the stuff found on here, but it goes more towards martial arts manuevers vice adept powers Here it is, in all it's glory. LOL

Gun Fu Rules (compiled from DumpShock)------

Gun Fu is not an actual martial art in the usual sense. Instead, it focuses on specialized training and experience. Use of this style includes trick shots, and seemingly impossible feats with firearms. For every two levels of a firearms skill, a character may opt to purchase one of the below listed skills, at the GM's discretion. Each of these manuevers costs 2 Karma to purchase, and the GM may require specific training for your character before he will award you the manuever.

Special Manuevers:

Gun Conceal: Adds 2 to the conceal of any 1 weapon carried. Multiple levels can be purchased and either distributed evenly or combined (i.e. with level 3, you can increase the conceal of 3 pistols by 2, or 1 by 6).

Weightless Weapons: With this skill, the character can carry any weapon they like without weight penalties, up to crew mounted weapons. Recoil still works as normal.

Hitting Air: Character can unload the entire clip from a weapon without hitting anything important. +1 to intimidation tests.

Buccaneer: Character can use a gun & melee weapon at the same time, though they must have the off-hand skill for whichever weapon is in the off-hand.

Gun Runner: The characters own movement does not give a penalty while shooting

Recoil Momentum: Use gun recoil to slide across smooth surfaces.

Impossible Shot: You're not that good really.There are better gunslingers than you out there. But when it comes down to it, when you really need to hit that target first time, no-one is better. Once per adventure, a character can use this ability to reduce the target number of one shot, no matter how difficult, to a standard 6. GMs should obviously be careful with this one.

Dual draw: An upgrade of the quick draw ability, the character can draw and fire two weapons in a single action.

Gun sense: Who needs to see to shoot? Your combat senses are so highly tuned, you don't even need to look to send your bullets towards their targets. Each level in this ability reduces the penalties for shooting at a target out of line of sight (e.g. behind or to the side of the character, character is blinded) by 2. It does not, however, reduce modifiers for cover.

Scream and empty the clip: While astral beings are rarely affected by ranged weapons, sometimes a persons emotions can be running so high that even a distance attack carries the force of their will. With this ability, the character can negate a target's immunity to normal weapons ability but must scream loudly and empty the entire clip of their weapon to do so. The target takes the damage from the burst as normal.Not compatible with SA weapons, unless the character already has the skill to fire them as FA. (Hehe.... how to recreate that Aliens feel in your Bug City runs).

Pinball Wizard: You don't know how you do it. Your guns are the same calibre as everyone else, you don't shoot people in a particularly different way, but when you hit someone, they usually end up flying backwards through the air, often through a window. Double the difficulty of resisting knockdown when shot by a character with this skill.

Roomsweeper: You may not be the last out, but you're always the first in. You're reactions are heightened by combat, and you mow through stunned enemies like the Reaper. If the character manages to surprise the enemy, the number of actions they can take in the first round of iniative is doubled, i.e. 2 complex actions or 4 simple actions, or any combination. Combat pool as distributed between individual actions as normal.

Magic Bullet Theory
Character has a profound knowledge of ballistics and biology allowing them to sometimes inflict multiple wounds from the same bullet by richocheting the bullet off internal structures of the human body as well as external objects. Character fires a single shot using a complex action and if the bullet hits with the firearms skill they use the biology skill instead of the firearms skill to stage up damage. They may repeat this staging up test until satisfied or they fail to get a 6 or higher on a test, whichever comes first.

Gangsta style: By holding a pistol or submachinegun class weapon sideways when firing, recoil is reduced by one point. However, due to not being able to use the weapon's sights, all TN are at a +2.

Long Gun Quick Draw: similar to the adept ability of "quick draw" which allows one to draw other types of weapons (not just pistols) in a quick draw free action.

Fastest Gun: gives a +1D6 to initiative and -1TN to quick draw tests as long as the character's immediate next action is drawing and firing. This manuever can be taken twice to double the bonuses. Initiative bonuses are 2/3rd normal if the character already has an average initiative roll in the teens. bonuses are 1/3rd for those with average initiative rolls in the 20's and no bonus is provided for those with rolls in the 30's or beyond. Bonus only applies in first initiative phase.

Improved Rapid Fire: With this ability you are able to use semi-auto weapons such as pistols as full auto weapons as a complex action.You can fire up to a number of bullets equal to your reaction.

Faster Reload: This manuever allows you to eject a clip and insert a new one as one simple action.

Fancy Holstering/Drawing: A mix of charisma and ledgermain intended to impress people. Roll the firarms skill you have this manuever in against a target number of 4, every two sucesses is a -1 modifier for intimidation tests.

Gun Fu: This manuever gives the user an edge in using their gun in melee. normally someone firing a gun in a melee situation receives a +2 modifer. This reduces that modifier by one each time it's taken. It can be taken no more than twice.

Offhand Training: Many people are trained in using their other hand for shooting in an emergency, they need not be ambidextrous. This manuever allows you to use your offhand for purposes of firing and reloading. This will reduce offhand penalties with the firearm to only a +1 TN. Only applies in single weapon cases.

Extended Range: This manuever allows you to triple your weapon's range increments if a simple action is spent aiming, or double them for standard firing.

Your favorite dual pistol wielding, card carrying psychopath,

The Grifter
NIMG!(Not In My game!)

Fygg Nuuton
some of that stuff interests me for adept powers though... as is though, maybe over powered
QUOTE (The Grifter)
Gangsta style: By holding a pistol or submachinegun class weapon sideways when firing, recoil is reduced by one point. However, due to not being able to use the weapon's sights, all TN are at a +2.

This is a good one. You save yourself +1 TN from recoil by... adding +2 instead. indifferent.gif

Hitting Air: Character can unload the entire clip from a weapon without hitting anything important. +1 to intimidation tests.

At least the last one had one single small tiny use.
Incidentally, gangsta style shooting IRL noticable increases felt recoil. Watch people point and snicker at people that shoot that way when renting and miss like crazy. wink.gif
Since I don't feel like starting another thread:

What are the TN penalities for shooting with 2 guns? According to what I understand of the rules:

Simple action 1:
gun 1: roll skill + combat pool with TN +2 (for using 2 guns)
gun 2: roll another skill test with combat pool, TN +2 (for using 2 guns)

Simple action 2:
gun 1: roll skill + CP with TN +4 (for using 2 guns, +1 recoil from gun 1 and +1 recoil from gun 2)
gun 2: roll skill + CP with TN +4 (same as above)

Basically, each shot is a distinct Skill test. First shot does not suffer recoil from either weapon, and second shot suffers recoil from both weapons? It seems really broken that each shot is a separate skill test... might it not be better to rule it as a 4 round burst, or twice 2 round bursts?
The Grifter
Zazen-Got me there, man. That's what I get for not proof-reading. But alas, I cannot take full credit for the idiocy, hence the "Compiled from DumpShock" header. LOL Anyways, not the best rules in existence, but they're there if anyone wants to use them. Personally, I just stick to the standard game rules. There's too many of them already as is.
Some of it may be over powered, but from my point off view anyone carrying a big gun seems over powered. Keep in mind in most of my games yur either a munchkin or your not. No amount of gun-fu the beginning character has access to is as good as the wired(3)+HMG wielding street sam. I have play tested some of these rules and to good results but without the afore mentioned munchkins. in my opinion a GM can balance the enemies out well to the charaters using these powers and anyone who wants to make a charater overpowered can do so without any new rules added to the base book. The reason the really cool powers are initiate powers is so begining pcs cant have them and npcs can, also the storyline and interconnectedness of the schools tends to keep the PC's from going around flashing these powers to anyone or getting greased by the master of their school if they do. anyway the old rule applies: anything your PC can do the NPC can do better.
Why not just use the "Way of the Gun" rules?
Where would I find these way of the gun rules. and anything else similar. a good deal of my intrest in this is not just in the rules but also the plot that i've attached to them, but i would like to correlate my info so that i'm not inadvertantly ripping anyone off.
Some of the powers could be interesting, if powered down somewhat (or a lot, in some cases). But I'll be honest with you. A bit more variety for adepts is fine, but the last thing that a gun adept needs is a power-up. Improved ability alone makes them deadly, and they have so many other abilities that work well with firearms. Plus, the only essential cyberware that they need is a smartlink, which is under 1 Essense. And even the smartlink is not needed for some builds, such as a two-gun fighter or a long-range sniper.
We need Martial Arts: Gunkata in some of them. biggrin.gif
I think that having a larger variety of powers is helpful in keeping characters from overpowering themselves with improved ability and other things and the fact that only one school condones the use of cyberware should keep most characters from possessing any essence maximizing peices, such as smartlink. Perhaps a sample character is in order.

Name: Old man Fu
age: 64
race: human/chinese

Bod: 2
Quik: 3
Str: 3
Cha: 4
Int: 6
Will: 6


Rifles/Muskets: 5/7
Tai Chi: 3
Clubs: 5
Aura Reading/Auras: 4
Stealth/Hiding: 2/4
Ettiquette/Street 4/6
Negotiation/Bargain 3/5
Car: 3
Rifles(B/R)/Muskets: 3/5

Gang ID: 4
Lonestar Tactics: 4
History: 6
Religion: 6
Botany: 6
Violin: 3
Chinese: 6
English: 2


Attrib Boost Str 6
Counter Strike 3
Ballistic Armor 3 (this should probably be at least 1/level if not more)
Sixth Sense 2
Rapid Healing 1


Musket- 11S damage (seems fair as they are know to rip off whole limbs)
Musket(as club) (str+2)M stun
Stun Baton
Pocket Binocs
Musket B/R kit
Greenhouse (botany shop)
low quality violin
small hard copy library (history/religion rating 6)
2 claymore mines, just kidding

A mysterious old chinese man whose intrests for most of his life didn't extent beyond his own little world. He was recently discovered by the ancient school of gun-fu and began some limited training with them. Fu is a very calm and level-headed fellow who is always looking for a little mischief in life.

Obviously more powerful characters are possible but the fact that they must be initiates before they gain any special powers from their school still limits their starting strength.
^ Cliched old chinese masters would lean more towards Philosophy than Music. Besides, it would allow him access to Sun Tzu's Art of War.
ah, but he's not a master. and since he doesn't quote from Sun-Tzu either, perhaps not every old chinese man is a cliche.
Fygg Nuuton
all old chinese men are cliched lol
fair enough.
<---gives up. dead.gif
QUOTE (GreatChicken)
^ Cliched old chinese masters would lean more towards Philosophy than Music. Besides, it would allow him access to Sun Tzu's Art of War.

In my store we keep that under "Military History". nyahnyah.gif
The nastiest Gun-Fu Adept I ever saw simply had Improved Reflexes 2 and put the rest of the points into Improved Pistols. He was also fully ambidextrous. With custom grips on the pistols he wasn't feeling any recoil, and as he specialised in Brownings he had integrated laser sights on them. I don't think I ever saw him not kill anyone he shot at.

The Question Man
Check out The Shadowrun Supplemental #18 IIRC.


Plastic Rat
At one point I watched Equilibrium and was very anamoured with the idea of a gun-adept. I figured my GM would throw a fit.

I sureptitiously managed to get Ezra to watch Equilibrium. Then quietly and gently over beers and bribes brought up the subject.

He did the eyebrow thing. The eyebrow thing is scary. It's unnerving and not something you want to have repeated.

Needless to say, I'm never playing a gun-adept. ...After the eyebrow thing, not even with another GM.
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