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Full Version: PC/NPC Initiative Tracker
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Hi all,

I put something together that helps GM/Referee keep track of Initiatives and damage for both PC/NPC, their stats and will roll and show results for Dice Tests.

Right now it's an MS-Access .MDB file, so you'll need MS-Access 2000 to use this version of the application, but soon a more stand alone .EXE version will be available.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do making it and using it.

Any feedback is welcome.

(Might have to right-click and "Save as" to get this off my Yahoo web-site)

PS - Here's a screen-shot
Nice, I'll download the .exe when its available.

I'll get the stand-alone version on one condition: I didn't see where to change the Initiative totals based on wound modifiers. If there is one or you impliment one before the .exe version comes out, I'll definately get it. Otherwise, it's kinda useless for me personally because my group tends to get shot up a lot ^_^;; Really good concept though.

The Abstruse One
Dark father
Thanks! This application will help me during my online games where tracking initiative by writting in a text file can be troublesome.
The wounds are automatically subtracted from the Initiative Roll, but only before the roll is made. Try testing it by giving someone 1D6+0 and some wounds, Init will be <0.

Here is the line of code that accounts for the wounds:

rst!init = Die_Roll(rst!Dice) + rst!rec - (calc_Mod(rst!stun) + calc_Mod(rst!phys))

So: Init = Die_Roll + Reaction - Stun Wounds - Physical Wounds

This is version #1 for the most part using MS-Access, so there are still some bugs to work out.

Thanks again for the feedback.
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