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With the release of Shadows of Europe, I decided it was a good time to update the Fanpro list and make a few changes.

As always, if anyone has any (legit) up-to-date information, please feel free to add to this list. This is for everyone's benefit.

The following titles have a Fanpro number associated with the product.

* - Assigned, but not released
** - Coming soon

Stock Numbers, First Series

10650 Year of the Comet
10651 Target: Awakened Lands
10652 Threats 2
10653 Target: Wastelands
10654 Wake of the Comet
10655 Shadows of North America
10656 Shadowrun Companion
10657 New Seattle
10658 Magic in the Shadows
10659 Cannon Companion
10660 Shadowrun Third Edition
10661 <unused>
10662 Rigger 3 Revised
10663 Man and Machine: Cyberware*
10664 State of the Art: 2063
10665 Survival of the Fittest
10666 Dragons of the Sixth World
10667 Sprawl Survival Guide
10668 Shadows of Europe*
10669 Loose Alliances*
10670 Shadows of Asia*
10671 State of the Art: 2064*
10672 Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book*
10673 Shadowrun Character Dossier
10674 Running Wild*

Stock Numbers, Second Series

25000 Shadowrun Third Edition
25001 Man and Machine: Cyberware
25002 Shadows of Europe
25003 Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book**
25004 State of the Art: 2064**
25005 Running Wild**
25006 Loose Alliances**
25007 Shadows of Asia**
25008 SR3 GM Screen & Critters Sourcebook**
25009 New Seattle**
25010 Shadowrun Companion
25011 <unassigned>
25012 <unassigned>
25013 State of the Art: 2063**

The following titles have "working titles" but no assigned stock number:
Flashpoint: Pacific Northwest (Shadowrun Tracked Adventure Set)

The following titles are 3rd Edition releases by FASA that may or may not be reprinted by Fanpro:
FAS7331 - Brainscan (Shadowrun Campaign)
FAS7125 - Corporate Download (Shadowrun Sourcebook) [Still in-stock]
FAS7330 - Corporate Punishment (Shadowrun Adventure Set)
FAS7329 - First Run (Shadowrun Adventure Set) [Still in-stock]
FAS7909 - Matrix (Shadowrun Rulebook) [Still in-stock]
FAS7003 - Quick Start Rules (Shadowrun Adventure/Rulebook) [Still in-stock]
FAS7219 - Target: Matrix (Shadowrun Sourcebook) [Still in-stock]

Addendum: This list is not "insider information". It is a compilation of information readily available on the internet.
It is grouped together in this format for ease of reference.

Addendum: When attempting to find Shadowrun books through a distributor, prepend the abbreviation "FPR" to the number
(for example: FPR25001, Man and Machine:Cyberware).
Half the UK stores actually use the prefix FAN, and I should know...

Just throwing that out in case it helps...
Ancient History
Hmm. Handy. nyahnyah.gif
QUOTE (Firewall)
Half the UK stores actually use the prefix FAN, and I should know...

Just throwing that out in case it helps...

So noted. Thanks for the tip. smile.gif
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