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Full Version: While you were out.
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What happens when you're on the astral and some one comes and pumps you full of drugs and you (normally) would loose consciousness or fall asleep?

Necro Tech
I don't think much of anything other than you would be aware that someone was screwing with you. Since you meat bod is in a coma anyways it just means that when you return you don't get to wake up as normal.
Doesn't damage to one show up as damage to the other? I could have sworn....

Ah, there it is. P 176, BBB. Basically, you're disrupted. You're back in your body, unconscious. Luckily, since you weren't disrupted in astral combat, you don't need to check for magic loss.
Necro Tech
Woops, missed the transfer of vice versa. Though you would suck modifiers, +4 for deadly stun you wouldn't be disrupted. It says if an astral form takes deadly stun, not a physical one. Grey area here because you can survive your death by essence remaining hours will no apparent ill effects.

Hard call on this one.
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