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what about paying for healing? does anyone include that in their games? another thing my player asked me about. i didn't know, so i winged it.

what do y'all think?

There are rules for this in the M&M I believe. Everything from finding it to prices, to recuperation times, right on down to surgical options. If you don't have it you might want to get it. You can probably order it online and pay $20 or so including around $5 in shipping.
I'm assuming you mean magical healing. I think 1000 nuyen.gif x Force is about right.
When I was GMing for the past few months, I included magical healing for those players that were members of Magical Group, as part of the Membership Perks, since the requirements of membership was a minimum of a Moderate lifestyle & 1,500/month membership dues.

They had access to magical healing up to force 8 spells, at 500 x Force, and 1,000 x Karma used to reroll failures.

For other player characters (i.e. those not members of the magical group, but affiliated with members of the Magical Group), all costs were doubled.

Paid on delivery, no matter how many (or few) successes there were on the sorcery test for heal/treat spells.
I'm sure there are enterprising mages and shamans that make a reasonable living from healing.

If they are in the phonebook, odds are you need to be legal and have an appointment.

Shadow-based outcall services are also available, but harder to find - but, on the bright side, they probably won't ask for a SIN.

Street Samurai should be offered the opportunity to pay for an expendable fetish (costs the magician 1500 nuyen.gif per force point) to assist the magician in the heal/treet spell.
Well, it's like taking your car in for a tune-up.

"Ya see, you can pay for these re-built parts which are cheaper or you can buy fresh off the line factory produced parts. All up to you, my labor costs don't change."

I see a Wiz healer offering the same kind of contract negotiations - "Ya see, I can use my standard devices or I can burn something we call an "expendable" focus. Ya may get more bang for your buck with the expendable, but my labor costs don't change."

Necrotic Monkey
At absolute most I'd charge the same rice a mundane paramedic charges, but apply it to the number of boxes healed instead of just by the wound itself.

Heal and Treat spells have practically neglible Drain for any competent magician and there's no Karma going into to the test (1,000 nuyen per force is the same price as paying an enchanter to spend actual Karma on a focus!). For those without M&M, those prices would be:

Light Wound: 50 nuyen -- no sweat off their back whatsoever.
Moderate Wound: 100 nuyen per box.
Serious Wound: 200 nuyen per box.
Deadly Wound: 400 nuyen per box.
well considering only.1% of the population can use magic not all of them possesing the heal or treat spell and even if they do they'll want to be well compensated, fetishes,libraries and enchanting materials costing what they do. It's pretty much a sellers market considering most magical healers can hold their own against pretty much anyone so good luck forcing anything less than 1000 x force for a healing spell. You don't like it well bleeding in the gutters always an option. biggrin.gif

oh by the way the 1000 x force is the base price for an enchanter to spend karma on a focus not what someones actually going to end up paying. (why does no one understand economics these days?)
Odin, I think it's 1% with magic possibilities, not .1%

I think Necrotic has reasonable prices for a lot of places, but not for magicians who make house calls to Bellevue mansions.

I believe the American Medical Association (AMA) or its successors still have a stranglehold on medical treatment. I think it's pretty hard to get a license to practice medicine using magic, so there won't be many "shops" or "clinics" providing such a service.
[QUOTE]Odin, I think it's 1% with magic possibilities, not .1%

Although technically correct that is the all encompassing number blanketing all awakened only half that number being viable and having full access to their powers then you add on all the crazies and adepts .1% of the population base consisting of magical healers doesn't actually seem all that unrealistic an estimate now does it? nyahnyah.gif

[QUOTE] believe the American Medical Association (AMA) or its successors still have a stranglehold on medical treatment.

actually proves my point if you're underground and are risking incarceration by action are you really going to stick your neck out for someone whos only at most a friend of a friend.Although I'm sure true altruist's exist in the world of shadow run I've found that they seem to have an exponentially diminishing life expectancy. When joe shadowrunner is just out to make a buck anyway he can regardless of who ends up getting shot up by corporate cops in the process.

A side note if a shadowrunning team is constantly getting shot to bits they probably should examine their method of doing things. I know anything can happen but if every run requires magical healing then their probably bolloxing up a fair bit....but thats just my two cents.
QUOTE (Odin)
actually proves my point if you're underground and are risking incarceration by action are you really going to stick your neck out for someone whos only at most a friend of a friend.

Erm, I don't think you quite understand just how much the AMA puts the stranglehold on Healing Magic.

It's for all intents, zero. Virtually no one gets the clearance to heal magically without some pretty big friends on their side.

So we have Joe, who was somehow was chosen by Bear. His totem is fairly devoted to healing, and if he doesn't heal, he and his totem might have some words down the line. And I'm pretty sure Bear doesn't understand what the AMA is.

If Joe does heal, the AMA might eventually come after him.

If Joe doesn't heal, his totem will eventually abandon him.
Is there a canon ruling on how stringently the UCAS regulates magical healing?

I suspect it's more common and commonly accepted in the NAN.

Pretty tight control. MitS, p 13 covers it a good bit.
Necrotic Monkey
In the NAN they're free to heal as well as anyone else. In the UCAS, they just have to have the same degree as other medical personnel in order to legally heal; a paramedic's license is more than sufficient to use Treat or Heal, even a First Aid license would probably work as long as it incorporated magical training into it (which it likely did) for using such a common spell. In the underworld, licenses mean jack squat.

It's a non-issue. If you're legal, the same percentage (though it's actually probably much higher than that since its a high-paying job to begin with, so its one magicians would lean towards more often than, say, a janitor or blue collar laborer) of medical personnel will be magicians so that's not an issue. If you're in the shadows, Treat and Heal are some of the most commen spells in a magician's arsenal so just about any magician will be able to through this low-drain spell at you.

On top of that, I imagine it's probably still illegal to deny someone medical treatment in an emergency if you're capable of treating them. For instance, if a Bear shaman saw someone get shot across the street, any Bear shaman (or any other magician with the proper spells), not just one in a medical profession, would be obligated to heal them if they could.
As I understand it in canada anyway it's only illegal for a doctor or paramedic to refuse medical treatment joe normal with his firstaid certificate is under no such obligation unless he initiates first aid and then he can be sued for if decides to discontinue until he intiates tho he's clean.
Awesome! thanks to all. i may have to change my pricing structure, but this is all great info. i'll check it out in MitS and M&M...thanks! i only checked SR3.

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