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Full Version: free web space servers?
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Some of you might know that my web has been down for some time now. Reason is that the server that hosted it has become a pay-per-hostage server. I wanted to know which free servers you know out there, how much space they offer, and how well do they work.
Go to or and type in 'Free Web Hosting'.

I compared several such services a few weeks ago. Most have 100MB to 250MB overall storage limits, some bandwidth (usage) limit, a 1MB or 2MB limit on any individual file. Most add advertising on your pages. Some let you upload/download with FTP, others use a web page to upload/download your files. If you want CGI scripts or ASP scripts you'll have to use a pay service. Also Database access is almost unheard of on the free services. There are web sites that'll help you compare services.

After my comparison, I chose for my limited needs.
Thanks Team, I'll go try there. Any other had to go through similar situation and can say what he chose and why?
Make friends with IT people or guys with webservers. Thank you!
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