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Full Version: The Shadowrun Supplemental #19
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It is 00:01 EST, July 18th, according to my clock, and that means The Shadowrun Supplemental #19 is out.

This is a relatively short issue, featuring expansions and additions to FanPro's Sprawl Survival Guide, a Shadowrun Economics article, and regular features The Corporate Review and The Cluttered Datastore.

If you like this issue, drop us a line of thanks, or submit something for a future issue, or donate a few dollars to the cause.

Next Up: Seattle 2063 or TSS-20.
Adam the digital pimp hard at work. wink.gif
Funny, I can't get TSS to load...

Dumpshock Forums and other sites are fine though.
Austere Emancipator
Yep, Connection refused when attempting to contact
Fixed. The forums and some of the sites run on different servers, and the older server is flaky at times.
Reading through it now, however, I don't see any cover art or page headers or anything other than the text until the Rural Lifestyles section. Is it supposed to be like that, is it just me, or what?
What version of Acrobat Reader are you using? It sounds like you're using version 4 or 5, and the various tricks that version 6 - the recommended version - uses are tripping up your reader.
Well, I was using Preview under Panther actually.
Interesting; I didn't test it under Preview.

I'll potentially re-jigger some things after a bit more testing; more compatability is a worthwhile sacrifice for less compression.
I hadn't ever noticed Preview having issues before. Odd stuff. I usually stick to it since it's so light-weight.

On another note, the additional lifestyle stuff is great, especially the rural lifestyle rules.
Revised version posted -

It should work under any version of Acrobat Reader 4 or higher, and in OSX Preview.
It may have been short, but it was packed full of cool stuff. I can't wait to make my next rigger and buy the 'Mechanics Shop'. Thanks Adam for another great issue!
Look, I'm published! Yay!
I decided to submit a bit of my own artwork. If it fits the standards I think I'll try submitting more smile.gif
Been trying to connect since yesterday... still no joy.
Bizarre; the site has been up since I restarted the HTTPD server on Sunday afternoon. Can you reach
No, I can't either. Something wrong with my computer?
I'd suggest so, although I'm not exactly sure what. Try visiting the sites in a different browser or after a reboot?
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