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Full Version: Confuse and cyberware
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I Eat Time
Could a Spirit use a Confuse power on cyberware? Such as, mess with an internal mapping system, or switch languages on a knowsoft?
According to the rules, spells can't be targeted at implanted cyberware. I'm sure the same is true for critter powers. Cyberware is considered to be an integral part of its owner's body, no different than their flesh parts, for spellcasting purposes.

This brings up another question, can ann astra spirit target a cyberimplant weapon focus?
Hmmm. This could be possible if extended or visible to the person in some way. If not visible and definitively seperate in some manner, i.e. phys ad with spurs extended, then the aura of the adept would cover the weapon focus and protect it from astral or critter attacks. Extend it, and all bets are off.

It seems quite possible that since one of the effects of the Confusion power is disorientation then any GPS/orientation system/mapping could be affected along with any other senses. One would still "wander aimlessly through the spirit's domain" while under the influence of Confusion, even if one had a mental map of the domain.

"That door wasn't there before....."
Your systems may be operating fine, but you still have to interpret the data, and that is where confusion can kick in overtime baby!
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