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Full Version: In Nomine in Shadowrun
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The Question Man
Hoi Chummers, I directed a friend to Talon Studios. Steve Kenson's "The World of Shadows" was drecking chromatic chummer <translation; Totally Awesome Dude> And then I thought wouldn't it be cool to add in a little "In Nomine" and this is what my friend came up with.

That part isn't too tough (again, conceptually).
The Nephandi/Worm is the big guy downstairs, no worries there.
The angel side involves the Celestial Chorus mages and some tough astral entities.
The basic thing, though, is that the big-picture worldview of the Mage-the Ascension people is not compatible with the big-picture worldview of the angels/Celestial Chorus. One side or the other is delusional, thinking they're the main event and the others peripheral, when in fact it's the other way around. Which side is up to the GM, and whether it ever comes up in play and how rude the awakening is, is up to the GM. I'd tend to figure it's the Celestial Chorus that are under a false impression, which gains some validity if they can get enough people to believe it (somewhat as the Sons of Ether manage to make their version of the universe limp along enough to make their weird science work for them even though they're the *only* people who believe in it any more). Similarly, "God" would be a creation of the Celestials and believers which has gained immense power because there are so many such believers; many of those believers also believe in angels, so they're also pretty tough. But the believers have been pumping them up so long, they believe their own story now, and blind themselves to the fact that the dream realm and similar regions are neither so crushed nor so limited as they think.

Mechanics-wise, I expect one could do it in Hero system, because ultimately you can do pretty much anything in Hero system. But the idea feels cumbersome to me; you know I'm not the Hero fan you are. If it were me I'd do this:
Run the whole thing in GURPS, use existing the GURPS supplement rules for both the White Wolf stuff and the In Nomine, and adapt the Shadowrun stuff, perhaps using some input from those Hero system conversions. The only things really unsatisfactory in GURPS about doing Shadowrun are (1) solid rules about essence, and the essence consequences of cyberware, and
(2) The lack of various specific kinds of cyberware. But it wouldn't be that hard to write them up. Wired reflexes and similar are actually easier than I'd been thinking. Basically, say reaction enhancing wares give a combination of speed bonuses and levels of the Full Coordination advantage; make Full Co-ord somewhat cheaper for purposes of a Shadowrun-oriented campaign and you're there. Probably a good idea to make the decker's Environmental Interface mod cheaper too, perhaps considerably cheaper.
If you want to be heavily Shadowrun, you can do things like defining certain of the magical and Initiate metamagical skills in GURPS terms, and charging character points for being able to use magical items. If you want to do initiation per se, and initiate levels, I've defined a GURPS advantage that would do that kind of thing. Way I see it, initiates would still be static magic, just whoopass static magic. Although really serious initiates might find themselves contacted . . .


Ancient History
Keep your White Wolf out of my Shadowrun. nyahnyah.gif
And here I thought you were talking about putting In Nomine in Shadowrun. Cool... Angels.. Demons... Then you started talking White Wolf, and completely lost me....

Are you trying to cross White Wolf with Shadowrun, or In Nomine with Shadowrun using White Wolf? Or just In Nomine with Shadowrun with White Wolf....

I'm sooo confused...

The Question Man
Heh Chummers, I said a friend sent it to me didn't I!!!

I just thought introducing elements of In Nomine to Shadowrun would be cool. especially with Shadows of Europe coming out with that old time religion.

Steve Kenson's article was just a interesting idea for introducing other setting to Shadowrun that are complimentary.

Humbled by Ancient History

Ancient History
*chuckle* Well, there's nothing wrong with using bits of other games in your own game.
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