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Ronin Soul
This is just a strange idea I got last night after reading the Earthdawn corebook. It's just a bit of a background that can be a nice little backdrop, or alternatively it's got some hooks that could be interesting to explore.
You can thank me all later wink.gif
Anyway, I've tried to do it up Shadowtalk style so be gentle if it comes across as badly written or non-sensical ^_^

Man invents flying food!
Posted 5-8-63
>>>You've got to be fragging kidding me!<<<
- Ryu

No one was expecting this year's Food Fair to be particularly noteworthy compared to previous years. And indeed for the most part it wasn't - with the usual suspects advertising new soy flavourings, food storage and other obscure aspects of the culinary industry.
No-one paid much attention when a young man named Robert Sanders set up a small stall in a corner of the Aniston Pavilion.

>>>A little bit of info on brother Sanders. He's a graduate of MIT&T, studying practical thaumaturgy. Interestingly enough he's actually a shaman as opposed to a hermetic - a follower of Raven to be precise. He's not as old or experienced as this article might make out - he only graduated last year.<<<
- Talon

>>>Sanders is connected to the blue bood families of Boston. He's also a card carrying member of Humanis which would make for an interesting family life (his younger sister is an ork and his father is an elf)<<<
- People Watcher
"I spy with my little eye..."

After three hours hunched over a table, obscuring what he was doing from what on-lookers paid attention to him.
Then, with the help of a young Japanese woman, Ms Yoriko Isoe, he garnered the attention of a decent sized audience, predominently Japanese, and announced to them that he had made a startling break-through in the world of food.

>>>Young Japanese woman? Yoriko Isoe is all of 14 years old, the daughter of a middle manager at MCT. She's a bit of a walking headline herself in some circles. She can already speak 57 different languages - fluently. She learnt to speak French at an adult level in just over 3 weeks and is currently working (if my intel is accurate) on Cambodian, Assante and a couple of Amerind languages. Makes me a little jealous...<<<
- Bard

>>>This combined with an unknown "magic ability" that she's displayed but which hasn't manifested as any conventional type (mage, shaman, pysad etc.) has led some at MCT to speculate the possbility of some kind of "lingual adept". I'm suprised that she was even allowed out of the nice cosy (and secure) corp compounds. But anyway, back to the food.<<<
- Silicon Mage

He showed the audience a number of what looked like chocolate dumplings and, through Miss Isoe, asked for a volunteer to try one. He told the volunteer, a Mrs Naniwara of Shiawase to take a bit of the "dumpling" as he called it and asked her what it tasted like. She told the audience it tasted of custard. He then told her to let go of it. Although she undoubtedly found such a request odd, Mrs Naniwara did as she was asked. To the endless suprise of both her and the audience, the dumpling didn't fall to the floor, but instead floated in mid air, right where Mrs Naniwara had been holding it when she let go!

>>>Because this little trash piece doesn't talk about how Sanders made his "floating dumpling" I guess I'll have to share that little bit of intel. It consists of two distinct parts. One part is like a dough that looks very, well chocolatey. This is the main part of the dumpling. The other part is a sort of reddish syrup. He takes some of his dough, flattens it out, pastes it with the syrup and then rolls it up into a ball. I'm not sure whether he actually freezes or cooks the things (or even does neither) but the end result is what does very much look like a chocolate dumpling.<<<
- Glutton
"Not for punishment you idiot!"

>>>Reddish syrup? Could he be using some kind of blood magic to create this hovering effect?<<<
- Tomtom

>>>I doubt it. Although we don't know what blood magic (or indeed conventional magic) is capable of, it strikes me as unlikely that someone who did know blood magic (remembering that Sanders just graduated from MIT&T, making it unlikely he knows more than drek-all about blood magic) would use it for such a trivial purpose.<<<
- Magister

>>>But we don't know the purpose! Perhaps it is blood magic and he's simply a pawn for the real master who is creating these "magical dumplings" for their own end! Perhaps he is using his blood to magically influence those we consume it. Perhaps >>> 0.2 MP deleted by Sysop<<<

>>>Okay folks calm down. Conspiracy SIG is just down the hall. Shadowcell is just a couple of doors past that. If it isn't useful intel, don't post it.<<<
- Captain Chaos
"I am everywhere!"

After the gasps of amazement died down, Sanders explained to those watching that his "magic dumplings", as he referred to them, would with luck dominate the dessert industry in just a few short years. Not only did the dumpling float, which made plates and other bulky "necessities" a thing of the past it also didn't require food preperation. In theory, once they could be mass-produced, all that would be necessary would be to take it out of the wrapper and enjoy, not even having to hold the dumpling, leaving the hands free to do more important things.
The most miraculous quality of his magical dumplings however was one that he demonstrated when he persuaded Mrs Naniwara to have another taste of her dumpling, still hovering silently in mid air. To her suprise, and the suprise of the audience the dumpling tasted not like custard, but like chocolate trifle! Mr Sanders explained that the dumpling tasted different each time you bit it, and that he had catalogued over 60 different flavours (which he refuesed to share).

>>>Ah, just like old times!<<<
The Laughing Man
"HA, Fraggin' HA!"

>>>Quiet you.<<<
Orange Queen

After the demonstration, neither Mr Sanders or Ms Isoe could be reached for comment, but it is believed that already a number of companies are in talks with Mr Sanders over his miraculous "Magic Dumplings".

>>>Good fraggin' luck is all I'll say. The floating and flavour changing reeks of magic and it's impossible to mass produce magic. Either this is just an elaborate trick, Sanders has insight into higher mysteries than a graduate should or Mr Sanders is playing a dangerous game that will get him in a whole lot of drek when the corps figure they've been had by him.<<<
- Icarus

>>>I have to say, for a young graduate just trying to make his mark on the world, brother Sanders had a lot of security around him. I saw him in conversation with a certain Estefan "Domino" Velasco, a former Azzie kick artist, after his little demonstration. I don't know, the whole thing seems a little fishy to me.<<<
- Rosa

>>>This is the Sixth World. "Fishy" kind of goes without saying.<<<
- The Graveringer Poet

Tell me what you thought!
Hehe, it could be an interesting thing to do semi-regularly - the less Shadowrunny sides of Shadowrun that could still be well... Shadowrunny I guess, if that made any sense! ^_^
Actually, I thought your shadowtalk was pretty good. But, um, what's it all about? I don't get it.

Could someone tell me where Ronin got his Excellent drugs? biggrin.gif
Ronin Soul
QUOTE (Odin)
Could someone tell me where Ronin got his Excellent drugs? biggrin.gif

Did it really make that little sense?

Erm, well basically there's a type of dessert in Earthdawn that changes flavour and floats instead of being served in a bowl (hence Laughing Man's comment). I kind of took that and put into a Shadowrun context, with the necessary shadowy conspiracies and what have you being connected to it. Basically like plot hooks from sourcebooks, there's a lot of ways this could be seen. Maybe Sanders is just a really talented magic user who has stumbled onto a fascinating development right at the time the mana level (what with the Comet and other phenomena) of Earth has risen enough to support magical food. Perhaps Tomtom had a point and blood magic is involved somehow. After all, he was seen in the company of a former employee of Aztechnology...
So yeah, man develops a magical dessert, possibly with sinister intentions, and shadowrunners make comments about it.
The Yoriko Isoe thing is a totally different plot hook (and one I'll explore in another post if you're interested ^_^ ) - someone with lingual skills far beyond metahuman norm and with the definite hint of the Talent without it developing into anything known by magical society. The fact she was in the company of Sanders might be sheer coincidence or it might be more than that...

I'm sorry it didn't make as much sense as I wanted it to. I mean it's pretty random already, but hey, I figured someone might get something out of it, if only a laugh ^_^
>>>Magic dumplings are made of people! PEOPLE! Tell the world!<<<
"I am a totem!!"

Lots of players love food conspiracies/food related runs. They might be silly, but they really bring the game world home. I used the "truth about SoyaFizz" (yep, it's people) as a tangent in one campaign. When the "truth" was revealed, the look on the sammy's face was priceless-- he had just been slurping a can.

I may have to run an adventure based on this, if you don't mind. The runners are hired by a small corp called "HuverFud" to steal the recipe for Sanders' dumplings (on the pretext of "hurting the competition"). Of course, what crafty runners might find out is that HuverFud has all the baking facilities neccessary to create a line of hovering foods, except the know-how to actually make them hover. I'm thinking sort of a 2060s "Road to Wellville"
Heh, but now I want to know how it ends... how does he do it!

I loved the two comments by the ancients from Earthdawn time (primarily Orange Queen, who I think is the dragon, Hestaby? But who is Laughing Man?) I like how the first tied in the dessert to the old Earthdawn one.
My ED PCs never had the cash to eat that dessert. Maybe my wealthier SR characters will. smile.gif
Laughing Man = Harlequin = ED-era Caimbuel (not sure on the spelling there)
How much did the dessert cost in ED?
25 silver pieces. For reference, an "average meal" costs 1 silver piece.

As a side note, the ED-era name was "uyglar."
Hmm... "uyglar..." Yeah, that's going to take some serious PR spin to ever take off as a product name.
QUOTE (RangerJoe)
Hmm... "uyglar..." Yeah, that's going to take some serious PR spin to ever take off as a product name.

Yeah, it sounds like something coming up rather than anything pleasant at all going down....
Fygg Nuuton
"ultra-super-happy-delicious snacktime treats" works for me
Sounds like someone bought a low-rating lingua-soft. smile.gif
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