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Full Version: Ally Spirit error?
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Fu-Man Chu
On page 111 of Magic in the Shadows, under the topic Spells, it says that after creation, "the magician must learn spells for the ally, paying the usual Karma cost, as described under the Sorcery power, p. 118." Should this be page 109 instead? The difference being, pg 109 is the Sorcery power for Ally spiritswhich "are subject to the normal rules for Sorcery, including Drain." Whereas, page 118 is the Sorcery power for Free Spirits for which "Drain does not affect the spirit." There's no mention of this in the errata (and I have the fourth printing).

Also, on a side note, does an Ally Spirit which becomes free then gain the new Sorcery power? Or can it have both the old Sorcery power as well as the new one?
While bound, the ally has to deal with drain. When it goes free, it's sorcery power is upgraded to that of a free spirit's. When a spirit is bound, the master must learn spells for it as normal for the magician. When the spirit's free, it can learn spells on its own but requires karma like everyone else in order to learn the spell.

The page reference is probably a mistake, yeah.
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