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Full Version: [ShadowsOfEurope] Austria
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I liked this, it gave a feeling for the culture if only back handed. And you get told what's sprawl and what's more relaxed.

The two elements that stand out is that MCT is moving into SK's back yard, they don't mention part might be from the loss of Fuchi-Europe, and the Yaks, in line with their pet corp is trying to move in. Add to that the anti-meta prejudice and there's room to play.

I don't see the yaks really being a threat if the local thugs can tap into the local racism,I think it's a misstep from the planning who wanted to have gang warfare. but there's lot to go on with anti-meta policlubs, tourism and the conflict between MCT and SK.

Oh and lets add the potential of the return of the Hapsburgs. For those of you how missed it the union put together briefly by Leopold in the 2030's was re-amassing the Austro-Hungarian empire that disolved in 1918. Just the hint that the real power behind Ms. Hapsburg is a leonized Leopold, well, let the good times roll.

I'd have liked more info on the island that sort of seceeded from vVienna. maybe even a small map to give you something to work with.
I'm glad you liked it (and took some time to write a review). Regarding the map of Vienna there is one on the city's official homepage. The url is It is not too good, but provides you with a general image, plus it is in English. You can also find some general information on Austria and Vienna there if you are interested. There is another map with a search function on but it is in German. However, you can zoom in by clicking on the coloured image. I'll keep looking for a better one and post the link.
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