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Can anyone point me to resources for early Otaku? When did the first Otaku arrive on the scene? How realistic is a runner in 2063 as an Otaku that has completely faded?

Thanks for any light you can shed.
as far as i'm aware, the first reference to otaku is in the Denver boxed set. that was, what, over a decade ago? so it's definitely possible for an otaku to have faded, especially if he only discovered his otaku abilities at like 18 or so.
Crimsondude 2.0
Yeah, 2055. The book was released in 1994.
Ancient History
I know I say this daily, but questions on Matrix-based metaplot may be answered on my Echoes of the Crash page.

Thanks for the recommendation, I love the voice you used to write the "echoes..." Where can I find more info on Mirage?

QUOTE (Ancient's Archive)

  19 March 2060, the Seattle RTG goes down for 11 minutes, causing untold psychological damage and death.  The first and last appearence of the AI Mirage, although the otaku it creates are still around...

Ancient History
Mirage the AI only really appears in the Matrix sourcebook; if he does (as it appears) have a connection with the AI Psychotrope, then you should also seek the novel "Psychotrope."
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